Which comments by asperity were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-27Can we drink the bubbly from last NYE?
2018-12-07Word game with matched syllable responses
2018-11-02Looking for a recent urban fantasy short story collection.
2018-10-24Recycled cycle questions
2018-10-11Sculpey left in oven - maybe
2018-10-11Sculpey left in oven - maybe
2018-10-09Why won't my OTA antenna work?
2018-10-05Sunscreen for face...on lips?
2018-10-01Looking for books about South Korean culture
2018-09-28Help me think about shaving my head.
2018-09-01Bicycling gloves with padding and SPF / Sun Protection?
2018-05-18Peanut Butter Pondering
2018-05-03Wide-brimmed sun hat with a ponytail hole
2018-04-26i lik the hed
2018-03-26Monitoring a garage door away from home and wifi?
2018-03-08Good Old-Fashioned Sci-Fi Escapism
2018-02-07these gloves they are my own
2018-02-07these gloves they are my own
2018-01-10seriously, shut the f up
2018-01-09anti-blueberry or pro-cranberry conspiracy theories please