Which comments by beyond_pink were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-29sorry if this ruins it.
2017-11-13Removing suggested places on Google Maps
2017-10-29Itiration 98,887,665,444 of Google knows all
2017-10-24Pregnant, minimalist... and a little overwhelmed!
2017-10-23Restoring phone to an older date
2017-09-23raw quinoa quandary
2017-09-11Professionalism and piercings
2017-07-18Help pick a name for a maybe future business?
2017-07-07Choosing labels for vintage clothing
2017-07-07Suggestions for humanist book group?
2017-06-22Left Yields to Right, Right?
2017-05-18What to do in Munich
2017-04-26Help me think/be more like a Businessy Person
2017-02-24What make and model of car do I want?
2017-02-16Managing Gmail Prompts
2017-02-13Plan my Europe vacation
2017-02-07What defines this late 70s early 80s photographic style?
2017-02-02How can I search posts on a Facebook account?
2017-01-23Technology options for recording webinars for on-demand use?