Which comments by Eyebrows McGee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-29What is there to do in Peoria, IL (and why is it so hard to spell)?
2017-12-16Please explain voter ID to this non-American like I'm a 12 year old
2017-12-12Turn left here, kids
2017-11-24more adventures in boundary drawing!
2017-11-24What should I do with all this turkey stock?
2017-11-21Evolution 101
2017-11-18Help me win our Christmas decorating contest
2017-11-18Book recomendation: fiction by authors who excell at anthropology + psyc
2017-11-07If it's not OK on the national level (politics and business mingling)
2017-11-06Voting on school bonds
2017-11-02How to be happy in professional school
2017-10-30The deep mystery in my basement
2017-10-24Pregnant, minimalist... and a little overwhelmed!
2017-10-16'We may not have much, but we have each other'
2017-10-12Tips to keep from crying
2017-10-11Moving back to Mid-West...alternatives to Chicago?
2017-10-09Not quite Flexitarian, but a lot less meat
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-26Resources for getting enthused about a period of home-making?
2017-09-23what do ladies in their 40s wear for Halloween?
2017-09-22I speak English, you speak... English?
2017-09-22What arrangements do you have with adult children living at home?
2017-09-19Where does the purse go in a car?
2017-09-15How do you cut a toddler's nails safely when she won't let you?
2017-09-15What state taxes am I responsible for?
2017-09-13Would you heed this letter if you were a liquor store manager?
2017-09-04Is there an affordable option for a print newspaper?
2017-09-04Is there an affordable option for a print newspaper?
2017-08-31Simple astronomical observations to make in a dark, clear sky
2017-08-17Creative uses for an Amazon IoT Dash
2017-08-13I love the country, but I can't stand the scene
2017-08-12Quick suggestions for easy activity w 90yo in Chicago
2017-08-08Take One Eighty-Three to Thirty-five, exit Twenty-two Twenty...
2017-08-05Really good historical fiction?
2017-07-29Benefits of living in small spaces?
2017-07-27How to arrange furniture in this small TV room?
2017-07-26What type of needlepoint stitch is this?
2017-07-26What type of needlepoint stitch is this?
2017-07-22Building Twitter presence for a US state-level Political Candidate
2017-07-22Recommendations for a used car that's more spacious than a Honda Fit?
2017-07-19Should I buy a haven in case of climate change?
2017-07-02(Re)learn to sew?
2017-06-29Help me understand how American Community College works
2017-06-27Mechanical Classes in Toronto
2017-06-22How do I become an official scorer in professional baseball?
2017-06-21How to prepare for a big meeting?
2017-06-21Quirky and/or nature-y spots in Chicago and Holland, MI
2017-06-19What happens when all the crows just up and leave?
2017-06-18What's a bitcoin really worth to an American?
2017-06-14What "old" CBS shows would I like to binge watch?
2017-06-10Waterproof tablecloth that feels like fabric?
2017-05-29Giving a tween a lump sum budget: what to consider?
2017-05-26Give me an l, give me an o, give me a v, give me an e
2017-05-19Dress Filter: Wedding Guest while Nursing edition
2017-05-08What sort of programs/services do the rich use to get ahead?
2017-05-07Get it together Mr Frimble
2017-04-28Friends for life?
2017-04-28"So what's new with you?" "Well..."
2017-04-27My home exists in two ZIP codes. I'd prefer one over the other.
2017-04-25Things that are better with kids
2017-04-18Learning a language through music, film and TV
2017-03-31Religious scholars: help me find commentaries on Bible stories
2017-03-28Talking to landlord about lead
2017-03-25Craftfilter: resources for beautiful cross-stitch designs?
2017-03-20They Said to Me; "Mike, they said"...
2017-03-20They Said to Me; "Mike, they said"...
2017-03-11Edumacate me about basement drainage and sump pumps
2017-03-09Has the common thinking around race changed over the last 10-15 years?
2017-02-21Accessible tutorial activities for students with disabilities
2017-02-20Research/articles/books on play in school-aged children
2017-02-20Just cough it up!
2017-02-17Ain't no party like a whirlpool party
2017-02-17Tracking med doses for Android
2017-02-16Forgotten masterpieces
2017-02-16Writing prompts for "D'Aulaire's Book of Mommy Myths"
2017-02-12I want to run for school board. What books/resources should I get?
2017-02-06Spring break on the cheap?
2017-02-05Recommend a small org working on breast cancer, please
2017-01-25Want. Earrings.
2017-01-24Telescope tips for an "intermediate" astronomy buff
2017-01-22Best website for news from Ivory Coast
2017-01-22Just starting college/uni search. Give me your wisdom....
2017-01-22Just starting college/uni search. Give me your wisdom....
2017-01-17Becoming a teacher in the Clark Country School District
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-07Dressing a hot-running baby for winter
2017-01-05Help Me Un-Invite My MIL to a Race
2017-01-02Wait... They Don't Love You Like I Love You