Which comments by Eyebrows McGee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28I would like to look at beauty
2018-12-26Eat, Pray, Love (Myself)
2018-12-11I'm not sure if my boyfriend is trustworthy?
2018-12-09Bringing a tiny house to Canada?
2018-11-27What is it like to breastfeed beyond one year?
2018-11-17How do I settle down when I have nothing to settle "on"?
2018-11-05Pleasurable Dining Out With Extensive Dietary Restrictions
2018-11-03Friend feeling trapped by husband's traumatic brain injury
2018-10-22Is my free-and-clear laundry detergent OK for baby?
2018-10-18Design resources for making a small urban yard more private?
2018-10-17What is it like to be cold?
2018-09-05What are your great kid friendly restaurant experiences?
2018-09-04My SO isn't eating properly while taking care of our baby
2018-08-18School lunch hacks, for older kids
2018-08-17Man plans Yiddish poster; God laughs at formatting
2018-07-31Stopgap options for getting an antidepressant without waiting a month?
2018-07-24Delivery room dilemma
2018-07-15crisis management in Social Services department
2018-06-20Are resumes dumb?
2018-06-03Miss Manners Filter: When is it rude to ask for a favor?
2018-06-02How Bureaucracy Works, The Show
2018-05-29Delivery room dilemma
2018-05-21Which mass noun has the largest individual units?
2018-05-16Question about opioid painkillers
2018-05-11Can the jury-duty court ask that?
2018-05-01Curly haired Mefites, help me with my daughter
2018-04-22How do the bank loans work on home renovation TV shows?
2018-04-13did you get better at emotional labour? how?
2018-04-01Christmas in Spring
2018-03-17help me wear this dress!
2018-03-09Friday Night Dinner from the Slow Cooker - Easy, Tasty AND Impressive?
2018-02-27Help me find podcast episode about jobs that can't be more efficient.
2018-02-22Should I let ex take me out for dinner if he makes a stink about paying?
2018-02-14Teen anger - how to diffuse?
2018-02-14People who menstruate
2018-02-10Where's Totoro when you need him?
2018-02-01What do I do if I can’t find a job in my chosen field?
2018-01-27I can't; I'm busy in 2023.
2018-01-25Questions on Baptism
2018-01-22How do I learn to control my loud voice?