Which comments by fight or flight were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-05-19How will covid and Ukraine affect our August vacation in Europe?
2022-05-18What should I show for my Ethnic Studies Film Festival?
2022-05-12What animal did I just see? Fox? Coyote?
2022-05-05How to ask roommate to leave?
2022-05-01Why is Johnny Depp front and center to my entire online life right now?
2022-04-30Navigating Canadian Healthcare, Difficulty Level: Period Problems
2022-04-26Find me gentle, fictional, happy ending TV
2022-04-14Can I stop Windows updates?
2022-03-28Art, poetry for a friend who feels 'broken' after coming out
2022-03-26Reusing a stockpot after indigo dye
2022-02-19do I need a doctor
2022-02-18Dealing with medical fear
2022-02-16How do I get YouTube to stop recommending alt-right videos?
2022-02-06Is this a great haircut, or what?
2022-02-03What would you think if someone tells you about a racy show?
2022-02-01Blessings for a technological age
2022-01-25Ideas for unique scavenger hunt / escape room clues with a unique form!
2022-01-14Is my relationship workable or is it better to end things?
2022-01-14Ways to get PCR test for a resistant child other than force?
2022-01-11Firefox keeps opening tabs with ads
2022-01-11Firefox keeps opening tabs with ads
2022-01-10Men: How has your sex drive changed over the last decade?
2022-01-05Should I travel or not? Covid edition
2022-01-01I resolve to finally do something about that bad decision