Which comments by sallybrown were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-30Is this sofa fabric going to make me miserable?
2019-12-26Get the glass out of my foot!
2019-12-25Is an hour long enough to tour Manhatten?
2019-12-22How can I cut someone off without making too much of a fuzz?
2019-12-17Is the 5-pointed star a Christmas thing?
2019-12-15Is my university a particularly leftist bubble?
2019-12-10How to handle my boss's stress levels
2019-12-07How important is diet *really* for a diabetic?
2019-11-26Himbo in chief
2019-11-23"""I just can't see it."" Obliviousness and division of labor"
2019-11-16Really gripping biographies
2019-11-15honest, narrative, and straightforward
2019-11-11Should I move forward with getting engaged?
2019-11-10Gaining Perspective on Unrequited Something or Other
2019-11-07Where is the eggless vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing of my dreams?
2019-11-03A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit CBGB's
2019-11-01Three couples; brunch; is this weird?
2019-10-30How to not be a jerk to some realtors
2019-10-28Los Angeles Area for Dummy
2019-10-27What's the most derivative, cliche novel writing software or ... ?
2019-10-24I dated my best friend, and now we're not friends anymore
2019-10-20Dealing with a toxic parent
2019-10-15How do I turn my living room into a Glamour Shots?
2019-10-07Help me not ruin my hiking vacation
2019-10-05(How) should I try to rehab a bad kisser?
2019-10-01Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-09-27De-puff my crying eyes
2019-09-24It feels like there are fleas on me, there are not, any ideas on a fix?
2019-09-19Real-life resources on themes in Netflix's Unbelievable?
2019-09-19How to have a heart-to-heart about a heart
2019-09-17If it was the right decision, why does it feel so bad?
2019-09-13Missed Out on 30 Years of the Teen Scene
2019-09-02How to be Polite Without Assuming Superiority
2019-08-27I've heard of Gallows Humour but this....
2019-08-23Blueberries and Cherries
2019-08-21Where to stay in Chicago for a quiet, artsy vacation?
2019-08-07Indie bands with jams
2019-08-06Why did he have this cruel behavior with me?
2019-08-04Books With Short Unrelated Chapters?
2019-08-03Discussing the terrible book my father gave me with him?
2019-08-03Discussing the terrible book my father gave me with him?
2019-07-29What can I buy that will improve my life?
2019-07-19Advice and insights from notable nonfiction editors?
2019-07-16Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-15Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-14Looking for more retrospective company disaster books
2019-07-07Questions about New Years family travel
2019-07-01what is he trying to say?
2019-06-26Why should anyone read what I write?
2019-06-23Why can't you fix your face?
2019-06-22Baby rules
2019-06-22(TW Sexual Assault) Disturbing Content/Discussion at Writers' Group
2019-06-21Low-effort summer solstice celebration with kids
2019-06-21Burnout and deadlines
2019-06-20How do I gently talk to my family doctor about her mistake?
2019-06-20Can neighbor knock down my encroaching wall?
2019-06-19Moving and Apartment question
2019-06-19What are the basic knowledge blocks of skincare?
2019-06-18Struggling with attraction to co-worker
2019-06-17How do I navigate this issue with my relationship with my parents?
2019-06-15Pneumonia - The Old Person's Friend?
2019-06-14How to believe in God when believing in God puts you in a bad mood?
2019-06-13I Once Had a Pair of Flowing, Loose, Silky, Bohemian Pants - Need Name
2019-06-06Dealing with the pain of a friend breakup that I'm not sure is happening
2019-05-31Do I pay overtime on vacation days?
2019-05-23How should I love my dog less?
2019-05-20GOT social media tie-in ideas?
2019-05-10A thing happened. I'm wallowing. Please help me pull out of it.
2019-05-09My boss says I don't have any self confidence. This is so not true!
2019-05-05Many people on Instagram hate me. What now?
2019-05-01Encyclopedic regional cuisine cookbooks?
2019-04-26"""Where's that accent from?"""
2019-04-26When is it time to distance yourself from someone?
2019-04-25Reasonable to skip a tricky wedding? difficulty level: mom
2019-04-25Reasonable to skip a tricky wedding? difficulty level: mom
2019-04-17Crush Paralysis
2019-04-14I Don't Know
2019-04-12"Getting married, changing my name, and feeling like a ""bad feminist."""
2019-04-11Strategies for staying on track at work through micro-interruptions
2019-04-11The most amazing women's white shirt?
2019-04-11The most amazing women's white shirt?
2019-04-11Looking for lit suggestions for particular freshman college demographic
2019-04-04Please help me escape or conquer this high school drama at work
2019-04-03How were you shown you were loved as a kid?
2019-04-01Pick our Paris splurge restaurant
2019-03-28Dog phobic and the unleashed dog