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2022-08-11how do i deal with not having a best friend, or even close friends?
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2022-07-14From DINKS to SINKS
2022-07-14From DINKS to SINKS
2022-06-19Taking care of someone that is being terrible to the caretaker
2022-06-14Help talk me down from Background Check Anxiety
2022-05-16How to get a URL of a search result from a website?
2022-05-13how do I stop thinking that everyone is better than me?
2022-05-07How should I go about making a difficult and expensive decision?
2022-05-05How to ask roommate to leave?
2022-05-05nightmares ruining my day
2022-05-05How to ask roommate to leave?
2022-05-05How do I detach this curtain rod??
2022-04-24International relationship, visa, money and red flags
2022-04-18What media hit you differently the second time around?
2022-04-17What media hit you differently the second time around?
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2022-03-07When setting goals sets you up for failure
2022-01-20"""Necessary if Sufficient"" !?"
2022-01-07Picking up the slack