Which comments by rhiannonstone were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-20Just when I had started to believe that my needs actually matter...
2020-12-09Compare Birmingham, AL and Asheville, NC. Begin.
2020-12-06All I need is love?
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2020-11-03Help me wake up better!
2020-09-27Help me make perfect pizza sauce
2020-09-27Need more detail, please!
2020-09-15"Names for mother's boyfriend/unmarried ""father"" in laws.."
2020-09-14When your manager outsources all the interesting projects
2020-08-30How does this weird insurance plan work?
2020-08-18What do you use mayonnaise for?
2020-08-02Food safety canning question....garnishes/decorations?
2020-02-16Tell me your favorite recipes that could include Calvados