Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-30Ricotta? I hardly knew ya!
2017-12-26What's this piano piece, please?
2017-12-12is there a student loan consultant who is not a scammer?
2017-12-06Restoring Silk Binding on Old-School Blanket
2017-12-05However did trees/bushes grow before we came along?
2017-12-05Best online coding bootcamp - NOT looking for a job!
2017-11-27Do you have a great, gluten-free bread recipe?
2017-11-21How to ask for what you need/want in dating?
2017-11-17What ages is the Adam West Batman series appropriate for?
2017-11-16ELI5 - paying for graduate school, last-minute edition
2017-10-30What's a good place to borrow $3,500 from?
2017-10-11Broken engagement, and gifts?
2017-10-04Very personal phishing attempt.
2017-09-29Where (PNW) should I head to see big rocks sticking out of the ocean?
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-28How to best handle professional advancement within your field?
2017-09-25Ex why?
2017-08-28I need help leaving work stress at work
2017-08-17Thank god we didn't meet before we were 30
2017-08-11Advice needed: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive
2017-08-10I have no willpower! (can't stop eating junk food)
2017-08-03The Air Is Hot and Full of Smoke
2017-07-19Gear choices for a 25k hike
2017-07-17Brigadoon casting
2017-07-17Hopefully the last post in what seems to be an apartment saga I can't se
2017-07-15Best way to fly fresh herbs?
2017-07-03Software or project management technique for DIY home renovations?
2017-06-30BankFilter: what's a good stealth checking account for a woman overseas?
2017-06-21Help me see the gorgeousness of the UK for a week using public transit?
2017-06-11"a little" means...?
2017-06-06Fenway from Seaport with limited mobility tourist
2017-05-28Lease termination - what are my obligations to the Realty Company?
2017-04-21Music for a rainy day.
2017-04-13How to sleep with noisy upstairs neighbors and traffic noise
2017-04-09Another luggage question: Boston edition
2017-04-03An inconsequential question about ribbed trim on cotton knits
2017-03-14How can I remember names better?
2017-03-10Attic rooms in Boston
2017-02-21I broke a chair and really need to replace it.
2017-02-16what does it take to make cookies celiac safe?
2017-02-02Chunk o' cash for new baby's college, but the market's at a peak. Help?
2017-01-25I'm afraid friendships will end once friends find partners