Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-26What time would you set exterior lights to turn on and off?
2018-12-15How do you stay warm...
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2018-11-14Do I have a right to complain about unannounced water quality testing?
2018-10-18Shoes that allow toe walking
2018-10-12How do I find a mentor?
2018-09-20Seeking gluten-free kid-friendly recipes for entertaining
2018-09-13I'm worrying about pillowcases
2018-08-14We're getting an Open Office...how to make it not be awful.
2018-08-07Where to watch the Perseid meteor shower near Garden City, Utah?
2018-07-09Boston restaurant recommendations
2018-06-22Eating in Europe - celiac filter
2018-06-21A bad trip
2018-06-04Thinking too hard about jet lag
2018-04-27How to prepare for the unexpected in an interview (for women)
2018-04-17Car title woes
2018-04-12Edinburgh to London for a funeral. Complication: 1890s.
2018-04-12Edinburgh to London for a funeral. Complication: 1890s.
2018-04-10I'm an idiot and I already ate it
2018-04-08Do I use less data an a Google downloaded map than on a live map?
2018-03-29How can I connect more, emotionally, with Faure's Requiem?
2018-03-20Looking for tinted lip balm that's not shimmery.
2018-03-17How to not break small knitting needles
2018-03-02Should I switch from meeting people online to in person?
2018-02-27Funeral etiquette with estranged family
2018-02-23What do you keep in your office/cubicle that makes work more enjoyable.
2018-02-16Leg hair sock life hack?
2018-02-08The faraway nearby
2018-01-18Broke vegetarian, in winter, dislikes beans
2018-01-09Mis-dated cover letter
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition