Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-10-04is there a way to sell/donate house fixtures before demolition?
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2020-09-17Does this make sense -- Dental Insurance Claim
2020-09-14Rejecting a paycut
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2020-08-24Auto mechanic Cambridge / Somerville MA
2020-08-02Is this a wildflower plant or a weed?
2020-07-28Changing last name when gov't offices are closed due to COVID-19
2020-07-03Yet another question about a noise keeping me up at night
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2020-06-28Obsessive fears about leaving the house in the era of Corona
2020-06-24Do microscopic animals like dust mites have smaller cells?
2020-06-05Maintaining a Temporarily Unplugged Fridge
2020-06-04Did Rabeprazole pills change their appearance recently?
2020-05-28Primer on thirsty plaster walls
2020-05-24Pandemic Risk Assessment: Food prepared at home vs Takeout
2020-05-09Please help me retrieve my Yahoo account
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2020-04-18Shopping During Coronavirus: Best Practices (Snowflakes Edition)
2020-04-14"""Let's cheers"": is that a thing?"
2020-04-10Best Finger Protector for GRATER/MANDOLIN/SLICER?
2020-04-06Bread/baking recipes that require egg, but not yeast?
2020-03-28Texts to my personal number are showing up on my work phone - why?
2020-03-25Should I have groceries delivered or get them myself?
2020-03-19How to make it feel like a weekend when socially distanced
2020-02-28It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition.
2020-02-25Current ethical IRA options
2020-02-18What is the name of my house type and layout?
2020-02-16Immigration + Tax implications of stunt money giveaways
2020-02-16Immigration + Tax implications of stunt money giveaways
2020-01-31Please give me your favourite accidentally vegan recipes
2020-01-12Why do people take dna tests for amusement? Why?!
2020-01-07Albany, New York: City of Lights, City of Magic!
2020-01-01Anxiety over USA taxes! How to conquer?