Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-12"Why is it called a ""countersink""?"
2022-12-04Practising clarinet woes
2022-12-04Plane tickets on short notice
2022-11-20The logistics of removing truly massive amounts of snow
2022-11-17How do I keep birds from flying into my bay window?
2022-11-15Best front-load washer for avoiding mold
2022-11-1121st Century Artist's Way
2022-10-03How do I find a person who can help me organize my digital files?
2022-10-01One day of the best internet?
2022-09-28Help my body hurt less.
2022-09-22"""Industrial Hygiene"" is an oddly named field, isn't it? "
2022-09-21Transfer music from ipod to new computer?
2022-08-24ASL classes
2022-08-16Time Ranges for Biochemical Processes
2022-08-09French classes
2022-08-06Why can't I have a washer/dryer...or can I?
2022-08-05Impromptu late August Maine or ?? vacay?
2022-08-05Do Covid Exposure Notifications Cross State Lines?
2022-08-03I live in Toronto. I want to see the Northern Lights tonight. Cheap.
2022-08-02deleting PayPal account
2022-07-29RAT, but for everything
2022-07-18The semi-good kind of medical billing problem
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-15Is it OK to use a mattress that may have gotten ant spray on it?
2022-07-15Canceling trip: Need support
2022-07-11iPhone switcheroo
2022-06-29Apartment water pressure is abysmal - options?
2022-06-28Health insurance company settlement - is it legit?
2022-06-16My, what a lovely demi-dingle. (Huh?)
2022-06-11Can someone please ID the song and band in this Miss Cellania post?
2022-06-09Freezing and transporting poop
2022-06-06Please explain these medical findings re: RA and vagus nerve stimulation
2022-05-27LGBTQ+ population density data by city?
2022-05-27Did I Screw Up: COBRA Edition
2022-05-25Need end of life plan for remote family
2022-05-23tips for driving from Virginia to NH?
2022-05-15I need input on how to handle a comment from my partner
2022-05-13Reusable bags
2022-05-12Does anyone remember this workout? Manual labor?
2022-05-12[FoodFilter] Non-sugary, portable breakfasts/snacks that keep well?
2022-05-12Wandavision: ok for the recently bereaved?
2022-05-10Will I regret going from Iphone to Android?
2022-05-03Google docs without gmail?
2022-05-03Google docs without gmail?
2022-05-01Off with her (neck)!
2022-05-01Off with her (neck)!
2022-04-26Too many tortillas
2022-04-26How do people exercise on sidewalks and still have dry feet?
2022-04-07help me buy a car
2022-03-28I showed you my pianist pls respond
2022-03-25Overwhelmed by Task of Selling Off Old Craft Hobby Tools
2022-03-19How to help a relative go about getting a marriage annulment?
2022-03-09Research helper for insurance gap?
2022-03-05Phase 1: Collect underpants Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit
2022-02-07Fox Rent A Car
2022-02-06Do all-inclusive resorts make crime and poverty worse?
2022-02-04What can I do to make research palatable in grad school?
2022-02-02How to be sick
2022-01-31Ships arriving in Boston 1902 (ish)?
2022-01-25More art = less assholes
2022-01-14How do horses or oxen deal with bringing heavy loads down a hill?
2022-01-14How do horses or oxen deal with bringing heavy loads down a hill?
2022-01-12Covid: quarantine from roommate after peak omicron cross-country flight?
2022-01-07I loooooove my car but I hate driving.