Which comments by SMPA were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-10-27Thank Yeh-oo in Advance
2016-10-26Boyfriend adopted a dog that wants to hunt my pet rabbit. Now what?
2016-10-24After seperation with child, do you consider ex family still?
2016-10-22Does your town schedule Trick or Treat?
2016-10-19Daily life in the USSR
2016-10-07Hi, can you tell me nice things about Halcion and hydroxyzine?
2016-09-23The election is ruining my twitter feed
2016-08-15Should I (or anyone) eat this? (Special disease-transmission edition!)
2016-07-11Visiting relatives who have guns when you have a toddler
2016-07-07How do you tell someone to stop saying "I told you so"?
2016-05-02How do I deal with my in-laws' rejection of my veganism?
2016-05-01Vyvanse & Sertraline in Germany?
2016-04-15Why do birds keep flying into my exterior blinds?
2016-04-13What is "ca rs st" on my paycheck?
2016-04-07Hair Cut??? Shivers
2016-04-07Is it possible to determine the date of a world map?
2016-04-02Solving a family heritage mystery -- Sweden vs. Denmark
2016-04-01Why do I feel so squeezed when I swim?
2016-03-24Company payroll info got hacked - now what?
2016-03-20Help Me Help Us Dump Trump
2016-03-17Can you find these Cold War matryoshka?
2016-03-17Can you find these Cold War matryoshka?
2016-03-17What about the post-wedding, YOU'RE MARRIED NOW checklist?
2016-03-16Many, many, manifestos.
2016-03-14Did immigrants apprentice their kids to pay for passage?
2016-03-14Let's play yurt!
2016-03-13What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-13What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-13Tick Tock
2016-03-13Tick Tock
2016-03-09Acquiring a car without a downpayment
2016-02-23Office Newsletter - what would you include?
2016-02-23Why don't psychiatrists ask about abuse?
2016-02-18Emotions for grown ups and toddlers
2016-02-03Looking to make life as a big person dealing with chronic pain easier
2016-01-31Was it a Sasquatch outside my tent last night? It was, wasn't it.