Which comments by Jane the Brown were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-26Dining chair envy
2019-12-14You are what you eat
2019-12-14How to be more expressive with my emotions
2019-12-01help me buy less stuff
2019-11-24That node, that node, that noOoOode
2019-11-23Has the frequency of bladder stones changed over the centuries?
2019-11-17Life tasks - what do we do and when
2019-11-01Angry outbursts - can you help?
2019-09-07Campfire songs with a baseline
2019-08-14after all these years
2019-08-07Please recommend books about young women manipulating men
2019-08-06How can I learn to navigate Guess Culture?
2019-08-05Snacks to tempt my coworker's dog
2019-07-30What can I buy that will improve my life?
2019-07-09Question 1 (Question - example - another example, kind of)
2019-07-09Question 1 (Question - example - another example, kind of)
2019-07-09Is there a name for the style of these works?
2019-07-07Am I a freak for not being more upset about my husband's infidelity?
2019-07-02Let Me tell You a Story... Again... and Again.. and Again
2019-06-26Am I my brothers' keeper?
2019-06-24how do I think critically about this immunotherapy drug for cancer?
2019-06-18How did they do washing stuff in old Japan?
2019-05-12On the Interchangeability of Beans Vs. Almonds As Sculpting Media
2019-04-26"Where's that accent from?"
2019-04-25Home health care, or nursing home?
2019-04-18Helping my lower GI tract get its groove back after illness
2019-04-11Cities created agriculture?
2019-04-11Soylent Pizza
2019-04-03How were you shown you were loved as a kid?
2019-03-18Oreos without the cream filling, please
2019-03-10You can lead a baby to water...
2019-03-09What is cake?
2019-02-21A bit of Oooo, Matron? Bedroom gymnastics? Rumpy van Humpy?
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?
2019-01-23interesting bible/talmud/quran/etc passages to memorize?
2019-01-17How do I become a more mindful reader
2019-01-13Help me improve my executive function.
2019-01-13Help my cat go green
2019-01-11But we’ll never be royals
2019-01-10How do I even flute in the world?
2019-01-10How do I even flute in the world?
2019-01-08Comedy Movies with High Body Counts
2019-01-05Decorating a long, narrow bedroom
2019-01-05Decorating a long, narrow bedroom