Which comments by Jane the Brown were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-24OCD self-help
2020-12-24OCD self-help
2020-12-18Accepting a gift that may have unwanted guests
2020-12-16If you give birth to a child and it falls down the sink, what do?
2020-11-24Help me convince my landlord to let me get a pet?
2020-11-09Can I Safely Eat This? - Frozen Boiled Egg edition
2020-10-23Staying in touch with kiddos during the pandemic
2020-10-09Grieving the tender, intimate moments
2020-10-08Physiological reasons exercise is such a powerful anti-dote to tiredness
2020-09-29Renetta apple in Italy: Reinette du Canada?
2020-09-22Family Halloween costume ideas needed (two moms and a baby edition)
2020-09-20How do I keep multiple blankets fastened together?
2020-09-17Covid safe socializing during winter for kids
2020-09-15"Names for mother's boyfriend/unmarried ""father"" in laws.."
2020-09-02My dumb cat ate two raisins
2020-08-31What are your family traditions?
2020-08-21Can you neutralize sulfur odor while burning keratin?
2020-08-07Stocking up for The Long Winter
2020-08-03a writing dilemma
2020-07-18Any tips for helping me be more patient and compassionate?
2020-06-25Emily of New Moon - questions
2020-06-25What is this conversation style called, and how can I deal with it bette
2020-06-19Help me eat my mistake - cumin edition
2020-06-14Husband with possible coronavirus - action plan?
2020-06-11help kitty become lithe and sleek with beautiful fur
2020-06-08Chemotherapy Port
2020-05-23Please help me help my post-operation cat not absolutely reek. Please.
2020-05-21housemate woes - quarantine edition
2020-05-21Mental tricks for finishing projects
2020-05-11Should I *actually* move to Canada?
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-05-05Does anyone know or have an inkling of when borders will be reopened?
2020-05-04What would economists say about my Funemployment spending?
2020-05-04Je ne parle pas fran├žais
2020-05-03Does my kitten have ataxia? (Video attached)
2020-04-21Dusty Garage Springfield
2020-04-19Do I doctor? Broken toe in quarantine edition.
2020-04-19Siblings 2 years apart - what are we in for?
2020-04-15Can I eat/freeze this: sour milk edition
2020-04-15How to ruminate productively?
2020-04-12Why do I go cold on the warmest people?
2020-04-12Why can't I clean my N95 orphan mask in the microwave?
2020-04-10Getting to the bottom of my fatigue
2020-04-09Has Anyone Overcome a Lifetime of Self-Sabotage?
2020-04-06Can I eat this? Edition: musty/lysol brown rice
2020-03-28What's up with these weird obituary sites?
2020-03-27"""But ya gay though, right?"""
2020-03-23Why would people with kids postpone marriage in 19th century Europe?
2020-03-20Better responses to delayed feedback?
2020-03-13Dammit, I'm right! ... or am I?
2020-03-04English as She is Spoke in a 100 years.
2020-03-01It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition.
2020-02-24Help me in my quest for identification and understanding...
2020-02-23so is the choice total demoralization or collapse under weight of filth?
2020-02-14What is the worst thing you could find while digging in your back yard?
2020-02-02Setting boundaries with emotionally difficult elderly parents
2020-01-30Ankles up
2020-01-24How can I grow to like someone I don't?
2020-01-19How does a bank know what currency a cheque is in?
2020-01-11Help Me Use My Fancy New Journal For Goal-Setting
2020-01-04Baking soda in boiling water