Which comments by Jane the Brown were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

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2022-05-23Fifteen minutes later, she would know the answer to her askme.
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2022-03-12Self-care advice in a time of someone-else's crisis
2022-03-08When setting goals sets you up for failure
2022-03-05Homesick for ???
2022-02-26"Any recollection of ""Joe Beatle"" as an insult?"
2022-01-14How do horses or oxen deal with bringing heavy loads down a hill?
2022-01-07Picking up the slack
2022-01-04Sports/family loyalties question
2022-01-04yes i'm wasting a question on popcorn
2022-01-04GamingFilter: How do you remain calm during FPS?