Which comments by mekily were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-10-26Family has planned nothing for my birthday
2020-10-16People with lisps speaking without lisping?
2020-09-22How safe is a UK black cab?
2020-09-17Famous nonets
2020-08-15[For a story] What are the tricky parts of sewing masks for a newbie?
2020-08-03How do I remove aged glue gunk from a metal surface?
2020-08-02Helped friend A help his friend B, then B paid me unexpectedly
2020-07-27Songs in the Key of Huh?
2020-06-17AI-ish website: transforms a long text into a shorter humorous 'mash-up'
2020-06-16"Ethical dilemma - eBay item supplied as ""gift"" via Amazon. Now what? "
2020-06-15Foolproof Call Recording?
2020-05-20Quarantine Dental Question
2020-05-18What is this light switch called?
2020-05-04Frontier Airlines: is this nice-sounding offer really a trap?
2020-04-30Printer copier that isn't going to lock me into years of rip-offs?
2020-04-27Is This Settlement For Me?
2020-04-17Get me out of New York! Much later! When it's safe!
2020-04-07Convert my fun in-class activity to a fun online activity
2020-03-28Reporting Total Tests to Positive Tests ratio/ Death rate increase
2020-03-16How to host an online party for family and friends
2020-03-05Coming out as trans at work
2020-02-22How to deal with deprivation while saving up for a lever harp?
2020-02-19eBay question, about a bid which included a message
2020-02-19Canada Immigration: How to reach a live person on the phone?
2020-02-03You Have Social Anxiety. Help me help you.
2020-01-14A setting for Mac OSX Terminal to pause after paste before executing
2020-01-14Starting a new gym program in the new year
2020-01-06Hug me, I'm allergic to chocolate
2020-01-06Hug me, I'm allergic to chocolate
2020-01-06Hug me, I'm allergic to chocolate