Which comments by mekily were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-26How do I get to the battery compartment in this smoke alarm?
2022-12-26What can I do to get a software job as an immigrant to Canada?
2022-12-01Coming back from a flubbed interview question in a thank you email?
2022-11-20The logistics of removing truly massive amounts of snow
2022-11-15Best front-load washer for avoiding mold
2022-11-14What is the correct thing to do after mistakenly misgendering someone?
2022-11-08Living in Montana, driving to SoCal -- in winter: what tires?
2022-11-07Living in Montana, driving to SoCal -- in winter: what tires?
2022-10-18Lat/Lng and mysql (also php)
2022-10-07Parking spots occupied during construction, what now?
2022-10-07Parking spots occupied during construction, what now?
2022-10-06Parking spots occupied during construction, what now?
2022-10-05Comfy soft sleep shirts
2022-10-05Are older bi/lesbian women into younger women?
2022-09-18I am old. I want to be in a band. Help me start!
2022-08-22bad photos, bad shirt, bad self-esteem
2022-08-19YANAE, YANME
2022-08-18How to get to LAX at an awkward time?
2022-08-16Driving from LA to Santa Barbara over Labor Day
2022-08-12Microwaved an enamel tin mug for 30 seconds - am I going to die?
2022-08-03What's an appropriate, low key gift for a neighbor?
2022-07-26Internet Question circa 2006
2022-06-22How to become a better texter?
2022-06-13Healing from a weird break-up
2022-05-22Why should I consider moving to Montreal?
2022-05-21Need to fly to FL from MTL this Sun or Mon. Help getting covid test?
2022-05-16Going to Canada on June 1st, with a positive home COVID test today?
2022-05-16When should I start to worry about a friend who’s MIA?
2022-05-02Does anyone know what is going on with Google result counts?
2022-04-18Just tested positive for covid - next steps?
2022-04-03Least Expensive Return to USA covid test
2022-03-07When setting goals sets you up for failure
2022-02-22self care or selfishness?
2022-01-18Tips for Starting a New Job in Covid WFH Times?
2022-01-15Hello darkness my old friend
2022-01-05Help me shuffle some YAML data in Ruby?