Which comments by Candleman were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-16What kind of bug is this?
2017-11-30??Here I go (for the first time) on my own (sorta)??
2017-11-30Single device webcam/mic needed for Skype
2017-11-08friend needs help buying and setting up a laptop
2017-10-23Salt grinders - how do they work
2017-10-16The phantom menace
2017-10-05Digital artists in their underwear
2017-10-05Why, Lyft, why?
2017-09-28Body photographs needed!
2017-09-22Differences between DVD and Blu-ray
2017-08-20Rapping 4 Kids
2017-08-08Adding a sunroom to our house - any tips?
2017-07-21Way to figure out which banks are in which states?
2017-07-10Am I over reacting with my fiance
2017-06-23Are people with the same name [as me] hindering my job search?
2017-06-20Did I get bedbugs from my flight?
2017-06-20Help me set up my sound system.
2017-06-20What privacy rights to volunteers have to their "company" emails?
2017-06-14Money is funny, but I don't get it, honey
2017-06-12Narrative, not-chatty audiobook/podcast suggestions
2017-06-01Need help with "boundary setting" my phone and email as new counselor
2017-05-25You are not my dermatologist, but do I need to go see one?
2017-05-11Python for the novice programmer?
2017-05-04Spookyruralnoirmovies! yes, pls.
2017-05-04Spookyruralnoirmovies! yes, pls.
2017-04-28Cheap home audio
2017-04-24I want to start a business, where do I start, What do I consider ? Help.
2017-04-17Help with a concert poster...
2017-04-11How to create perfect digital music copy from used CDs?
2017-04-05New Tenant Welcome Basket
2017-04-03Less than 200USD PC Monitor or TV
2017-03-15Where/how to recycle old laptops?
2017-03-13Can I improve my car audio system on the cheap?
2017-03-11How can we create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere in our cafe?
2017-02-25I'm afraid of my new landlord
2017-02-08A visual catalogue of the human form?
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-10What are some good party games that can be played remotely?
2017-01-10Tofu for dummies.
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-03How does one speak with a recruiter?
2017-01-02Participant Disclosure Document (Return of the Job from Hell)