Which comments by Candleman were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Help with baked sambusas / savory triangular cone pastries
2018-11-06Programming for Business/MIS: Java or C++?
2018-10-25Anxiety about a job I messed up at, because of anxiety
2018-10-05Making Space For Windows7...
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2018-07-24Best website blocker for seniors
2018-07-01How do I preserve this documentary film without breaking the law?
2018-06-14Good morning Baltimore!
2018-05-20Enlighten me about stage lighting
2018-05-16What do you call a justification-apology?
2018-05-04What's the best laptop for digital audio work I can get for <$800?
2018-05-01What's the best laptop for digital audio work I can get for <$800?
2018-05-01Curly haired Mefites, help me with my daughter
2018-04-07Neighbors' stray cat population out of control and affecting neighbors
2018-04-03A new laptop. Should I get touch-screen or 2-in-1 or conventional?
2018-03-06Keep him awake or talking!
2018-03-03Billy Bragg's Bratty Brother
2018-02-26Weird pointless phone scam?
2018-02-07Can I eat this?
2018-01-30I think I might be talking about a sippy cup
2018-01-24Are knee sleeves worth it? And other advice for returning to running.
2018-01-12Need Help With Myspace song files
2018-01-10Help pimp our kid's karaoke party
2018-01-08Two browsers talking to each other via a webserver on the internet?
2018-01-05Choosing between job offers