Which comments by Candleman were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-27hollandaise for days
2020-12-05Can my home office hardware situation be improved?
2020-11-19In US for 2-3 weeks, need a SIM and great Wifi and hotspot connectivity
2020-11-16soup for my family - can I eat it?
2020-11-11Garage Recording Advice
2020-10-25"How will my dog feel when her friend moves away?
2020-10-15Is it really necessary to have a ton of money to start a business?
2020-09-28Help interpreting light socket info
2020-09-15Documentaries needed via YouTube
2020-09-09Help me photograph California’s orange sky
2020-08-29Buying and selling in age of COVID
2020-08-29How should I furnish this room?
2020-08-27Record player questions
2020-08-18fresh oregano, worth the effort?
2020-08-07Stocking up for The Long Winter
2020-08-07Stocking up for The Long Winter
2020-07-11Getting a bare-bones Android Phone
2020-07-06Have I been pwned?
2020-07-06Please help me entertain these smol humans: Xbox Edition
2020-06-29Flavorless condoms?
2020-06-28Connecting mixer to PC
2020-06-22Want up to date recommendations to up the teleconference game
2020-06-22Pixel 3A repair - in Spain, during COVID-19 restrictions. Ideas?
2020-06-20Surely there is a solution: Computer Set Up Edition
2020-06-14Old and clueless about games and no game computer. What should I play?
2020-06-12Appropriate copyright date for a decade's worth of episodic work?
2020-06-12Paypal- Should I request to be paid in USD or in my local currency?
2020-05-23Unidentified application window - visible for 100th of a second
2020-05-13Roughly what's the max I should spend on repairing a 5 year old PC?
2020-05-09What's the right second monitor for me?
2020-05-04What laptop do you recommend for a 14-year old writer? Budget: ~$350
2020-05-04Jumping from an Ivy Bridge into Ice Lake
2020-05-02Condenser Microphone - Broken or Needing a Pre-amp?
2020-04-17How should I best prepare to move within the next 30 days?
2020-03-31Affordable Luxuries: The DIY Edition
2020-01-20What's more important: the house, or the neighbourhood it sits in?
2020-01-15Can I use an Amazon Fire Stick with this TV?