Which comments by Lyn Never were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-30How can I be a more responsible dog owner?
2016-12-28What 15 things, and nothing else, can I eat forever?
2016-12-27how do I get over this?
2016-12-26Does meal prep make me high-maintenance?
2016-12-22Tell me your old dog stories.
2016-12-22Tell me your old dog stories.
2016-12-22Being kind to sore ankles?
2016-12-20Being kind to sore ankles?
2016-12-19Butterfly pea jam?
2016-12-19How much of yourself do you show to your coworkers?
2016-12-18What would make this chicken soup tastier?
2016-12-17how to deal with negative work contact
2016-12-09How should I make this chicken pasta bake?
2016-12-06Missed miscarriage
2016-12-03There's Always a Subway
2016-12-01is there such thing as physical side effects from therapy?
2016-12-01Low-Carb pantry meals
2016-12-01Low-Carb pantry meals
2016-11-30Separation limbo!
2016-11-28Transgender 101
2016-11-27Bullet Journal journaling newbie. Simple resources?
2016-11-19I've got the E-Lectric Throw... and it's dirty.
2016-11-11Food for breaking bread and giving thanks
2016-11-07Jeremiah Denton blinked Morse Code as a POW. Who figured that out?
2016-11-07How do we find a house to rent when it's not a big city?
2016-11-03The Effectiveness of 'The Pill'??
2016-10-30The foam still cleans for me, as it does for all those who truly believe
2016-10-25Pre-empting possessiveness
2016-10-21Is eating with utensils better than eating with your hand?
2016-10-07Stay sexy, don't get murdered
2016-09-30Pregnant and uninsured
2016-09-28Keeping with the smelly theme... t-shirts!
2016-09-19Are all solar lights terrible, or just mine?
2016-09-19Microwave Glassware
2016-09-16"Let's support each other" to toxic co-workers -- does this help?
2016-09-09Help me become a Valley Girl in 2016.
2016-09-09Help me become a Valley Girl in 2016.
2016-09-06Film people: outdoor lighting's different in the West vs East Coast?
2016-09-02When to try and negotiate rent? (West Los Angeles edition)
2016-08-30Comedians Standing up for Women
2016-08-30Comedians Standing up for Women
2016-08-30Post-colposcopy cramps - what is going on?
2016-08-29For lovers of history and their elderly relatives
2016-08-28Do I need to prepare long-idle appliances before using?
2016-08-22Ess Ay Are Ay WITHOUT AN H at gmail dot com
2016-08-22Why can't I get over my bad ex-boss?
2016-08-22To meet or not to meet? (Broken relationship edition)
2016-08-21She's leaving home after living alone for so many years
2016-08-20Help me establish California residency without a permanent home address.
2016-08-18What climate-specific learned behaviors does no one think to explain?
2016-08-18Painting and wall prep
2016-08-16Distinguishing right vs wrong vs right for me
2016-08-16Save us from the spiral of defeat!
2016-08-14more bland foods for possible gastric ulcer?
2016-08-09Considering my future after getting a bachelors in Psychology
2016-08-09Videography/lighting setup for cooking videos
2016-08-04A home to retire in
2016-08-03Can I just quit my job to deal my extreme life changes?
2016-07-31Old car, new (Bluetooth) tricks? Help me get my groove on.
2016-07-29Wanted: Seasoning hacks, vegetable edition
2016-07-28Finding closure on my own
2016-07-24How are you all, well, doing (this)?
2016-07-19Tell me about becoming/being a UX editor or copywriter
2016-07-19Data recovery with pirated content
2016-07-18Tan Sedan Caravan?
2016-07-18Help me ask for a raise!
2016-07-15Finding Love After (Big) Loss?
2016-07-09Help me deal with an irrational loathing for a healthy thing
2016-07-08How to reverse relationship with work colleague
2016-07-06No half naked men with long hair on the cover
2016-06-27What should I ask my doctor to do about pregnancy leg pain?
2016-06-24Do you and your SO sleep in separate beds but still get along?
2016-06-23I think you need therapy...
2016-06-14two weeks = nine months, to lawyer up or no?
2016-06-14two weeks = nine months, to lawyer up or no?
2016-06-13My summer just fell apart
2016-06-05How to stop wanting things: practical advice
2016-06-04French toast recipe that isn't so eggy?
2016-06-01Should I break up with him?
2016-05-31Children: what do they eat?
2016-05-24MacGyver this Cauliflower!
2016-05-22Grief at work
2016-05-21I want to contact my ex -- is my reasoning sound?
2016-05-21Rent vs Buy: Rental Market is Bananas edition
2016-05-20Scare my socks off!
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-05-09Slam. Ouch. OUCH. Faint.
2016-05-08does being put on probation at work mean you're going to get fired?
2016-05-06Healthily approaching close friendships with a bit of attraction in them
2016-05-05My dog injured a friend's dog - what are my ethical responsibilities?
2016-05-04How to find a concert as a gift for my parents as a 50th anniversary?
2016-04-28Slotted spoons, serving spoons ... insufficient spoons to cook.
2016-04-25In total cognitive dissonance re: physical punishment. Please help.
2016-04-24Help me make foods taste more garlicky.
2016-04-24Help me make foods taste more garlicky.
2016-04-19Help Me Choke Down Some Sour Grapes
2016-04-15Why do birds keep flying into my exterior blinds?
2016-04-13How can I help my friend with his compulsive spending issues?
2016-04-08Good/bad idea: going to our friends' wedding a week before our own?
2016-04-07Thanking my vet for really exceptional service?
2016-04-07Thanking my vet for really exceptional service?
2016-04-07Hair Cut??? Shivers
2016-04-05Regarding United Kingdom accents
2016-04-02What should I expect from an appointment re: high platelet count?
2016-03-17How Bad Is This Do You Think?
2016-03-16My Questions are Always About Dessert
2016-03-16Life after Lands End - plus-size skirts with pockets edition
2016-03-16High protein, high fat, infrequent effort cooking
2016-03-15How do I stop living with anger about being rejected?
2016-03-13Tick Tock
2016-03-12Duvet or comforter cover help requested
2016-03-11YANMD, YANMT: Where do I start as an anxious, sober alcoholic manchild?
2016-03-10Tired of vinaigrettes, looking for new salad dressings
2016-03-10Tired of vinaigrettes, looking for new salad dressings
2016-03-09Australia, ho! Help sort out my kitchen.
2016-03-09Help us make a master list of weeknight recipes!
2016-03-06Coming to terms with a messy breakup
2016-03-05What Mattress Is Good for Kids?
2016-03-04Am I eligible for unemployment?
2016-03-01Ex-Husband Racking Up Property Violations in My Name
2016-02-29Fallen off the face of the earth
2016-02-27Three-year-old seems really unhappy
2016-02-25What is my nephew doing?
2016-02-25What freestanding kitchen storage solutions can my trash bin fit UNDER?
2016-02-24is CBT the best therapy approach for my anxious tween?
2016-02-22What medical treatment might unintentionally disprove paternity?
2016-02-18break-up the breakdown
2016-02-18break-up the breakdown
2016-02-17Should I fight for my relationship for our daughter's sake?
2016-02-12Can a CT Scan Determine Cancerous Node?
2016-02-11Cannot start the battery. Battery!
2016-02-11Laptop purchase advice: optimizing for hw durability and performance
2016-02-10Looking for "pulpit for table"
2016-02-08I'm watching myself sabotage myself and I'm going crazy.
2016-02-04Should I break up with my cold-footed boyfriend? If so, how?
2016-02-04Should I break up with my cold-footed boyfriend? If so, how?
2016-01-31Looking for foundation or frame for queen bed that folds or splits
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-30New 10 month rescue puppy from pound. Help with dog parenting?
2016-01-30New 10 month rescue puppy from pound. Help with dog parenting?
2016-01-15Best balance of quality and cost in current crop of TVs
2016-01-14How do I handle this "medium"?
2016-01-08Instant Pot recipes, please!
2016-01-07Final term, college senior. What do you wish you had been told?
2016-01-05Daily Rules to Function By
2016-01-05Upgrade my bean bowl and noodle soup! (No sugar and salt edition)
2016-01-03Help me type with my inside voice