Which comments by Lyn Never were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Anything but chili: what to slow cook for multiple allergies
2018-12-10Yet Another Laptop Question
2018-12-06Recommend to me some good healthy meal prep YouTube shows.
2018-11-15Tech Types, tell me about work for a "managed service," company?
2018-11-13Help me disarm through humor
2018-11-13How to deal with complaints from co-workers?
2018-11-10San Diego Camp Fire Threat?
2018-11-04Cheap food in quantity + convenience
2018-11-04How to deal
2018-10-26Flu triggering depression
2018-10-24Is it reasonable to go to the doctor for feeling mildly tired?
2018-10-20A snowy small town with a starry night sky
2018-10-19I want to be alone
2018-10-18Roasted Vegetables 2.0
2018-10-18What should I do with this space heater?
2018-10-18How can i incorporate my passion in my life?
2018-10-17Design resources for making a small urban yard more private?
2018-10-15What if I don't want something that applies to me?
2018-10-10Books/resources on siblings of anorexic children?
2018-09-30Best food/cooking podcasts
2018-09-29Is it OK to feed my cat Deck Hand Premium Cat Food every day?
2018-09-17On skin, sex, and teenage girls
2018-09-17On skin, sex, and teenage girls
2018-09-15Bookkeeping 101 book for a writer doing research.
2018-09-14To Live and Die in LA...and be cremated also?
2018-09-13Roaches. Why'd it have to be roaches.
2018-09-13I'm worrying about pillowcases
2018-09-12Fertility testing: when, where, how do we start?
2018-09-06What are some up-and-coming fandoms?
2018-09-04Successfully overcoming my fear of flying
2018-09-03Name this plant based
2018-08-29Power of attorney is meaningless?
2018-08-27Promising professional contact has turned weird, what next?
2018-08-18School lunch hacks, for older kids
2018-08-13How can I manage the drowsiness from motion sickness medication?
2018-08-13Beyond hamburger helper
2018-08-13Anyone nose a good source for nose rings?
2018-07-18Vegan dessert for a birthday party
2018-07-18Multi-purpose pulled pork?
2018-07-18Multi-purpose pulled pork?
2018-07-18What scares a vampire?
2018-07-17When to take your eyes off the medical issue and focus on the legal one?
2018-07-16Difficult friend situation
2018-07-12Good things the Internet has done and does
2018-07-08Summer Patio Sitting: What style chair to get?
2018-07-08Summer Patio Sitting: What style chair to get?
2018-07-06A day in LA: what art is must-see?
2018-07-05Reaching out to a depressed friend?
2018-07-05linger on the sidewalk where my neon nails are pretty
2018-07-02Help Me Get Some Perspective
2018-07-01Stress-induced body pain and hypoarousal
2018-06-29Sister starting blog: drama imminent.
2018-06-26Should I go to a protest alone?
2018-06-22How to quickly air out apartment due to hallway smell.
2018-06-21Portable AC experiences?
2018-06-19How to deal with flatmates' houseguests who are also common friends?
2018-06-13(Travel Filter) Helsinki plus where?
2018-06-12I don't know what I'd do if I got fired.
2018-06-04What should I look for in a mattress on a low budget?
2018-06-02Suspiciously distant use-by date?
2018-06-02How do I get my hair like this again?
2018-05-31My employer eliminated my dept today. What do I do now?
2018-05-28Afternoon hormone(?) problem
2018-05-23Midday Dog Walking Necessary?
2018-05-21Foods for the newly texture-averse / post-anesthesia food problems.
2018-05-21How do I light a DIY TV show?
2018-05-20How do I tomato plant?
2018-05-20Why was I just mindlessly browsing YouTube? Please help me un-see this.
2018-05-16How to repair my self esteem and get past the heartbreak of not landing
2018-05-14I think I took my issues out on my kid - or maybe I just parented?
2018-05-12What is a small avocado?
2018-05-06Teach me to like eggplant
2018-05-05Teach me to like eggplant
2018-05-02What do I do with 20 lbs of rice?
2018-05-02Whisker-friendly, non-plastic cat dish
2018-05-02Whisker-friendly, non-plastic cat dish
2018-04-26i lik the hed
2018-04-23[Job] Offer I can't refuse?
2018-04-05What happens if I skip the denaturing step when making yogurt?
2018-04-03Should I let my work get more involved in my health care?
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
2018-04-03A new laptop. Should I get touch-screen or 2-in-1 or conventional?
2018-03-24How to NOT pass out due to someone else's surgery
2018-03-19Aching feet
2018-03-17What is 'home'? And how do I choose mine?
2018-03-15Should you voice your insecurities to your partner?
2018-03-12How do women flirt to get what they want in NON romantic settings?
2018-03-09Friday Night Dinner from the Slow Cooker - Easy, Tasty AND Impressive?
2018-03-08Feeding 30-40 people...
2018-03-06I am desperately bored.
2018-03-05What to do and what to tell?
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-03-05The poisoned, post-divorce well of my kids’ school
2018-03-05Is this a healthy behavior in a new relationship?
2018-03-05Is this a healthy behavior in a new relationship?
2018-03-03Just tell me he doesn't like me
2018-02-24What is this Fish Actually Called?
2018-02-24Now my relationship is over, how can I avoid repeating past mistakes?
2018-02-19recovering and moving on from long-ago rape (trigger warning: sex, rape)
2018-02-15When Your Teen Starts Dating: Protocols
2018-02-14Teen anger - how to diffuse?
2018-02-10Where's Totoro when you need him?
2018-02-06Seed catalogs are my jam
2018-02-06Have you tried simultaneously eating and not eating legumes?
2018-02-06Help me figure out boundaries for this friendship
2018-02-02How do I work with these veggie crumbles?
2018-01-26What if I really WAS to blame for getting sexually assaulted?
2018-01-24I seem to be drawn to very controlling, unkind men. How do I stop this?
2018-01-24Desperately need help going from emotional eating to healthy eating
2018-01-23Online tool for writing fiction on the go?
2018-01-17Mini-corb needs lunch, badly.
2018-01-02I want to be a paid science advisor for tv/film.