Which comments by Lyn Never were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-23Gut feelings
2019-12-20Office chair with attached footrest for sitting
2019-12-17What foods and condiments are better homemade?
2019-12-17Searching for the quietest electric tea kettle
2019-12-17best dressed middle-aged lug of 2020
2019-12-17Pharmacy protocol for flu shot
2019-12-13How to be more expressive with my emotions
2019-12-12Me or the dog...or the beer?
2019-12-10Yes, another question about pet euthanasia.
2019-12-04Covering gray/white hair
2019-11-30The lonely, lonely air fryer
2019-11-29What do I want for Festivus?
2019-11-25How to handle holiday cards this year
2019-11-24LAX to Long Beach via public transit - Fun stops along the way?
2019-11-23Low Carb, Low Acid Soup?
2019-11-20A day and a half in LA - where to stay?
2019-11-20Sturdy bed frame for under $500: is it possible?
2019-11-20Sturdy bed frame for under $500: is it possible?
2019-11-18Best way to get facial creams out of jars?
2019-11-14Puppies pooping when it’s pouring
2019-10-29Two Label Conundrums
2019-10-29Help for secondary trauma
2019-10-28Los Angeles Area for Dummy
2019-10-24Do I really need the 5k car maintenance service?
2019-10-21The truth, the whole truth. OK, I’ll take a half truth too.
2019-10-12Do I really have to eat oatmeal for a year?
2019-10-04PMS and nocturnal panic attacks.
2019-09-21Make them worship me as a coffee pod god
2019-09-19Good options for wall colour for a plant-filled living room?
2019-09-13I want to do a thing. My partner would prefer that I didn't. What next?
2019-09-03Advice for long flight
2019-08-14after all these years
2019-08-13rough patch
2019-08-13Set Me Up For Failure!
2019-08-02Mounting hardware for under shelf lighting.
2019-08-01How to monitor the open/closed status of a garage door?
2019-07-31Potluck: farm community edition
2019-07-27Bedtime audio book, how do I play it on Alexa?
2019-07-24Help me come home to a spa, scent-wise
2019-07-22How do I help a friend who might be in an abusive relationship?
2019-07-15Fix my bad attitude towards my baby’s sleep
2019-07-15Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-05Recipe filter: Vegan picnic main dishes without soy?
2019-07-03Too Old For an Improv Class?
2019-06-28Should I cut an ex, who may or may not be an alcoholic out of my life?
2019-06-27Should I cut an ex, who may or may not be an alcoholic out of my life?
2019-06-24Cat cannot sleep on bed anymore; how to train her
2019-06-14Best Way to Find Keys Lost in Grass?
2019-06-12dear internet, please lend me your common sense...
2019-06-09Father’s Day Opt-Out (Weekend Trip Suggestions)
2019-06-05Can I Drink This? - Iced Coffee Edition
2019-06-01Griddle Me!
2019-06-01Tell me the cool way you organize your car
2019-05-24Looking for web-based email forwarding product
2019-05-20What can I expect when I visit my cognitively impaired mother?
2019-05-15Gear: Car camping edition, Canada focus
2019-05-14Gear: Car camping edition, Canada focus
2019-05-12Place to rest my head - CA Central Coast and Los Angeles
2019-05-08A real rhubarb of a pickle of a jam
2019-05-05Books to fall asleep to?
2019-04-27Casserole or Chili or ???
2019-04-19Sources of awesome cards?
2019-04-13Best ride out of LAX?
2019-04-12Good short qualifications for MS SQL Server?
2019-04-11Strategies for staying on track at work through micro-interruptions
2019-03-01What to eat after stomach virus?
2019-02-25Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
2019-02-15A mantra for dealing with difficult people
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-02-08If you suggest going out to eat please know that goes badly
2019-02-06Buy me a Shower Curtain
2019-02-04Risk averse parents who use emotional blackmail
2019-01-31What is the best way to determine a podcast's popularity?
2019-01-21Are there laws about heating empty apartments?
2019-01-16Makeover my attitude / sleep please!
2019-01-15Burn it in a fire and buy a new one?