Which comments by Lyn Never were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-24What happens when I report an issue to Instacart?
2020-12-23What animal does this?
2020-12-20Sleeping Position with a broken leg
2020-12-10Another gift question: Niece Edition
2020-12-10Disinfecting car after service: COVID edition
2020-12-10Another gift question: Niece Edition
2020-12-09Teenage stepsons
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-12-01Gremlins of the human kind
2020-12-01the anxiety spike
2020-11-30Help Me Cook With One Leg Tied Behind My Back
2020-11-30When does the dog need to come inside?
2020-11-30Help Me Cook With One Leg Tied Behind My Back
2020-11-16soup for my family - can I eat it?
2020-11-16Chocolate Me
2020-11-13Plan-B in the Age of Gilead
2020-11-13How to be successful Kickstarting a novel?
2020-11-12Like the day before the flu but it never goes anywhere
2020-11-10How do I feel less disappointed and ashamed about my life?
2020-11-09App/setting for iPhone or iPad that will announce the time at intervals?
2020-11-05Origin of “never go to a second location”
2020-11-04Should I Eat It: Lamb Keema Version
2020-11-03Can I eat this bread pudding?
2020-10-28ISO chewy cornbread for stuffing/dressing
2020-10-28ISO chewy cornbread for stuffing/dressing
2020-10-25Kitchen gadget excellence
2020-10-23i need the easiest-drinking booze
2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
2020-10-19Cookbooks to help get out of a home cooking rut
2020-10-18Bidet for Apartment?
2020-10-16What kind of therapy do I want?
2020-10-15Is it really necessary to have a ton of money to start a business?
2020-10-13I don’t want to be an aging hipster
2020-10-09Parent with rapidly developing dementia. What do we do?
2020-10-09Grieving the tender, intimate moments
2020-10-06What did I do to my mac and cheese?!?
2020-10-02Need a new laptop and it's not 2004 anymore
2020-09-25Options for buying pet food online in Canada
2020-09-17Father died without a will. What now?
2020-09-17Apartment Rejection for No Reason
2020-09-07Why am I finding discarded water bottles filled with yellow liquid?
2020-09-06Insecure about my romantic/sexual history
2020-09-02How does this scam work?
2020-08-25Help a dummy out... prepaid phone question
2020-08-19Stuffed animal for an adult
2020-08-14cooking with beer
2020-08-14Housemate/brother friendship is falling apart... over the cleaning
2020-08-08Life in a suburban house vs. downtown apartment?
2020-08-05Shelter-in-place cooking, meatloaf edition
2020-07-30is hiring cooking help a thing for regular people?
2020-07-30How much can I fit in my car?
2020-07-29Anxious first-time renter and reporting apartment water issues
2020-07-28Spaying cats and their behavior
2020-07-26Why you gotta pee in the bed, Stevie Nicks?
2020-07-24Snowflakes need help managing heat and humidity
2020-07-17Current info on COVID and food safety
2020-07-16What grocery products have great reusable foodsafe containers?
2020-06-30What unexpected things happened during your divorce?
2020-06-28Obsessive fears about leaving the house in the era of Corona
2020-06-27Help me cook large halal meal
2020-06-22Want up to date recommendations to up the teleconference game
2020-06-11help kitty become lithe and sleek with beautiful fur
2020-06-07Tracking our food with a (digital?) diary
2020-06-01My whole body hurts. What's going on?
2020-05-28Please diagnose my pepper plants
2020-05-27Soup recipes for chemo
2020-05-25how i learned to stop worrying and enjoy cooking
2020-05-15summer prepping, COVID-19 edition
2020-05-13How complicated is it to have two computers at one desk?
2020-05-13How complicated is it to have two computers at one desk?
2020-05-12Why am I having this recurring negative dream about my dead Dad?
2020-05-06What are the best foods to help sick elderly people maintain weight?
2020-04-29Book rec: Magic, female protagonist discovering her power
2020-04-27Please tell me about maintaining a saltwater pool
2020-04-18Shopping During Coronavirus: Best Practices (Snowflakes Edition)
2020-04-10ISO Podcast app with oldest-first playlist
2020-04-06Losing friends and moving on
2020-03-26What are these little tiny bug-like things in my freshwater aquarium?
2020-03-26Water going bad
2020-03-18How can I (and should I) help my friend be part of her sister's death?
2020-03-15How to give blood successfully
2020-03-07Quality of life for the last days of my Cat with FeLV
2020-03-01Gardening 101
2020-03-01Gardening 101
2020-02-26How can I best light my home office videoconferencing?
2020-02-23so is the choice total demoralization or collapse under weight of filth?
2020-02-19No longer have the energy to take care of cats post-divorce?
2020-02-17Help me get over my anxiety about hosting a birthday party
2020-02-17How to share links offline?
2020-02-16LA next week, 13 year old with a sprained ankle
2020-02-13Fabulous Valentine’s menu for family
2020-02-11Link between menstrual period and throwing back out?
2020-02-09Instapot Blogs
2020-02-05Tips for providing short-term help with my grandfather's imminent death?
2020-01-29Dinner for 6 days
2020-01-28Ideas for amazing tofu: how to get tofu with crispy crust/silky inside
2020-01-28The fastest growing bean-like plant?
2020-01-27Beating myself unnecessarily? A 20 year old feud reignited
2020-01-23Dad not going home: how to be kind
2020-01-22Tastiest. Decluttering mission. Ever.
2020-01-21Sit-and-stay training for pillow-top
2020-01-20What's more important: the house, or the neighbourhood it sits in?
2020-01-18Experiences with changing your life in your 30s
2020-01-14Travels with Charlie uh, no, Travels wTycho
2020-01-14Life in Palm Springs as a full time resident
2020-01-12My laptop is poltergeisting.
2020-01-12My laptop is poltergeisting.