Which comments by Ideefixe were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-06Cotton handkerchiefs that don't curl at the edges
2016-11-14Where should I give my tourist dollars for a short, warm vacation?
2016-11-11How can I find out what companies are in cahoots with Trump?
2016-11-11How can I find out what companies are in cahoots with Trump?
2016-11-09Practical accounts of life and culture under oppression and turmoil?
2016-10-14"Birth with R.D. Laing" - I'm trying to find the full documentary
2016-09-21Best place to rent a tuxedo in NYC?
2016-08-19Are you dependable? I want to be dependable, too.
2016-07-24Seeking small ways to practice gratitude and generosity
2016-06-24What are the best novels about the American West in the late 1800s?
2016-06-23What do French women actually eat?
2016-06-12Help me find this song?
2016-05-17Documentary-making for dreamers with only pocket change to spare
2016-05-14Can you identify this movie from the sixties or early seventies?
2016-05-14First they were writers, then they were writer/directors.
2016-05-12Maybe we can just have an annual lobster bake
2016-04-23Can a Russian speaker help me to contact Vladimir Bukovksy?
2016-04-23How do I find pictures of the earth from above in flyover America?
2016-04-19Help Me Choke Down Some Sour Grapes
2016-04-10Hair scarf style suggestions?
2016-04-07Am I in a dead end job or an amazing networking position?
2016-04-04programming/curriculum design resources
2016-04-03What is a "MUST BUY" in London?
2016-03-07Quiet(ish) restaurant in DTLA?
2016-02-23Where was this scene from the film "Abre los ojos" filmed?