Which comments by Betelgeuse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-26New dishwasher, install question
2017-12-23Wordsmith help with holiday greetings requested
2017-12-06Echo Dot, Bluetooth speaker, music stored in phone. Can they get along?
2017-12-05is this even worth it
2017-11-06Voting on school bonds
2017-11-04First time poker player: I have question about how Raising works
2017-10-26About to start big new job, and just found out: pregnant with #2. Help!
2017-10-26Academic honorarium norms?
2017-09-15CapitalOne360 alternatives?
2017-09-04Is there an affordable option for a print newspaper?
2017-08-21Where can I find eclipse glasses in Oregon before 9am?
2017-08-16Why can't I write a Google restaurant review?
2017-08-07The (false) belief that climate change causes weather
2017-08-01History in the present tense is making me tense
2017-08-01Eclipse viewing on Cape Cod?
2017-08-01Eclipse viewing on Cape Cod?
2017-07-17Electrical rewiring of whole house
2017-07-14Who needs to know I'm moving?
2017-06-28Help diagnose dead computer
2017-06-21Controlling one light switch with another?
2017-06-08Can I replace my Macbook Air with an Ipad Pro? Or is it still too soon?
2017-06-07Best home base town for Connecticut & NYC trip segment
2017-06-04LYME DISEASE: Does Every Bullseye Rash Mean Automatic Disease?
2017-05-29Kid-friendly historical fiction, American Revolutionary War-style?
2017-04-29Moving to Stony Brook/New York for grad school from Europe
2017-04-05What are your favorite record shops worldwide that still do mail order?
2017-03-24NYC Packers then Movers
2017-03-10What's the flattest way out of Upstate NY?
2017-03-06Help me buy a fancy chalk board
2017-02-23What have graduate students created?
2017-02-23What are the best space/astronomy-related activities and events?
2017-01-26Help me surprise my honey with a (funny) first look!
2017-01-24Telescope tips for an "intermediate" astronomy buff