Which comments by Betelgeuse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-28Help me find a new grocery list app.
2020-11-14Digital Picture Frame
2020-10-18I need to kill someone in Bennington Vermont....
2020-09-06Big chicks men big hens or roosters?
2020-08-06I need to pack + move out of my NYC apartment... from 3,000 miles away
2020-07-20Boot camp driver restore!
2020-07-20Boot camp driver restore!
2020-07-03Re-route me
2020-05-13How complicated is it to have two computers at one desk?
2020-05-01I need to watch 9 different channels.
2020-04-21Thank you to thesis committee
2020-03-10COVID Question: School and Immuno-compromised edition
2020-02-04Should I stay or should I go?