Which comments by lollusc were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-28Transgender pronouns in stories
2016-12-18Explain how to use a phone internationally to me like I'm a total moron
2016-12-08Help me understand my introverted(?) friends better
2016-11-11Where can I learn medical German?
2016-11-04art babby tryna become art teenagger
2016-10-16I want to tweet my google searches
2016-10-16Apartment Rental - Rules & Regulations
2016-08-28H&M Blouse Size-mergency
2016-08-24Sabbatical is Over (sigh)
2016-08-04A home to retire in
2016-07-08Auto-nag time tracker for Android?
2016-07-07Teaching the visual language of user interfaces to novices
2016-07-05Sydney in the twenty-first century
2016-06-17Kitty needs a name!
2016-06-01Mindful snacks for a busy person
2016-05-13Why are drivers appearing to stop short more regularly now?
2016-05-10Voice analyzing software that can differentiate people?
2016-05-02How do I do this next bit? Moving on to a PhD.
2016-05-01Validate my itinerary! Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland
2016-04-26Appropriate Gift for a Professor
2016-04-15Doing a home inspection tomorrow, what are some tips?
2016-03-31How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-31Is this even a thing, landscaping edition
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-24Drip... drip... drip drip... drip.
2016-03-22Women's underwear built in liner
2016-03-17roof regrets?
2016-03-12New Zealand Salary Deductions
2016-03-11Go away!
2016-02-25Elderly Parents + iPad - Computer = ???
2016-02-18Best practices for shared google calendars in a small office.
2016-02-15Polynesian pronunciation
2016-02-04writing and focusing tips for someone with cognitive complications
2016-01-03Are there more apps like Neko Atsume?