Which comments by AugustWest were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-26What time would you set exterior lights to turn on and off?
2018-12-18Seeking optimal gesture for my new in-laws
2018-12-14Will I regret replacing just my evaporator coils?
2018-12-13Organizing contacts on my phone
2018-12-04What are photos of glum-looking Wall Street traders meant to convey?
2018-11-28Break or break up?
2018-11-23Settling in on Crone Island
2018-11-20Save my bacon! Or don't!
2018-11-18Seeking waterproof very warm winter coat
2018-10-27How do I homeowner?
2018-10-24Et tu, Pixel?
2018-10-04People who never use the internet: why/how?
2018-09-07secret knowledge to buying a co-op in New York (not Manhattan)?
2018-07-27How do I park in NYC without crying?
2018-07-15Locksmith vs. Dealership: How to get bike u-lock key out of car door?
2018-07-12Worried about my sick father in another state...
2018-07-09Repair or treat rust spot on car
2018-06-22First triathlon, reassure me
2018-06-21A bad trip
2018-05-17"Not qualified" for job at former office?
2018-04-30What's the right thing to do here?
2018-04-26How to respond to this email from my boss?
2018-03-28Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-02-20Where can person with parkinson's live?
2018-02-07Going back to work after a disability
2018-02-06Transferring a Verizon iPhone to a different Verizon account
2018-01-26GPS stands for Gross Panicky Stress
2018-01-25So how exactly do I do this recycling thing?