Which comments by AugustWest were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-21Will the MA RMV send me a replacement license out of state?
2020-12-09Help me navigate the world of autographed guitars
2020-12-05Tell me about your digital TV antenna setup that works well.
2020-12-05Why shouldn't I put my modem and router in the garage?
2020-11-07How Do I say No to a Family Funeral
2020-11-04How do I share my atypical managerial experience in a job application?
2020-10-09La Corona Etiquette
2020-09-14"Names for mother's boyfriend/unmarried ""father"" in laws.."
2020-08-29should I have separate social media channels for private use and public
2020-08-29How should I furnish this room?
2020-08-28No thanks, I'd rather stand
2020-08-22Tips on finding things
2020-08-14"Can one ""qualify"" with a pistol in 30 days with no previous experience?"
2020-08-08Time sensitive mattress question
2020-07-30Is there a logical reason for closing window blinds in a condo?
2020-07-22guilt over not wanting job
2020-07-21How rough is too rough for kitten playing?
2020-06-28Be my Covid-19 oddsmaker (Toronto)
2020-06-20How to Move to NYC
2020-06-09What to tell the other driver's insurance company?
2020-05-28Roadrtip Long Island to NWA tips?
2020-05-15We don't see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear
2020-05-12Is it time for my housekeeper to return
2020-05-04What happens when I dispute an Instacart order?
2020-05-04Frontier Airlines: is this nice-sounding offer really a trap?
2020-05-04Replacing a Wok Handle
2020-05-01I need to watch 9 different channels.
2020-04-30Would you repair a leaky dishwasher in These Times?
2020-04-13Date night during coronavirus
2020-04-07Help wording an email concerning new resident at assisted living home
2020-04-07Help wording an email concerning new resident at assisted living home
2020-04-01Help Me to Remember High School Football
2020-03-26Where can I read the terms (all 700 pages) of the Gubmint bailout bill?
2020-03-10TV-buying advice
2020-02-20Kids will only go to sleep for Dad. Help!
2020-01-26Math Problem Please Hep!