Which comments by AugustWest were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-10-29Rainwater storage in an IBC, in (barely) freezing conditions
2021-10-20How do I find the best cross country mover?
2021-10-08Safe to use soy sauce that's been left unrefridgerated?
2021-10-08The early bird catches the ….*snore*
2021-10-03What docs do I need do replace my CA drivers license?
2021-09-05What are my options for a covered call strategy on cryptocurrencies?
2021-09-03How can a non-tech-savvy older woman avoid catfishers/scammers?
2021-09-03Functioning the day after interrupted sleep?
2021-08-27Help me tell Google Photos who's boss
2021-08-03Can I drink it?
2021-08-01How do I make art with no expectations?
2021-08-01Tell me about switching from Android to iPhone
2021-08-01I need this to stop
2021-07-27Botox 101
2021-07-18Can you recommend vacations by train from NYC (not Philly, Boston, DC)?
2021-07-16Considerations when buying a new set of tires?
2021-07-01Uber/Lyft options for Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
2021-06-23Not breaking a lease so much as a conscious uncoupling
2021-06-17Ship a 400 lb package to be held for pickup in Laredo
2021-06-14Fossil hunting near NYC/Philly
2021-06-12Bad sneakers (but no pina colada)
2021-05-14What can I do to seem like I care about my job during my last month?
2021-05-14So if you can't get the vaccine. No, really...
2021-05-11All (of) the _x_ in (the) _Y_. More examples?
2021-05-06Worth reviving an abandoned minivan?
2021-05-06Increasing productivity in physical labor jobs
2021-04-29Help me help my mom sell her business so she can retire
2021-04-11Moving a boat: help me break analysis paralysis
2021-04-04How much should I worry? Oven air in face/eyes.
2021-04-01Getting a repair on a phone while I still need access to a phone?
2021-03-30Crack in the ceiling - should we be worried?
2021-03-27Can Hotspot be bolstered by nearby WiFi?
2021-03-26Settlement insurance
2021-03-25any abstract reasoning or space relations test tips?
2021-03-12Crank window stuck open
2021-03-12Accident in sports playground - small business
2021-03-09What can I do to make my last months at a bad job bearable?
2021-03-02(Human) hair and washing machines
2021-03-01How do I get an orthodontist to stop ghosting us?
2021-02-25Help with a used water dispenser
2021-02-20Learning to adult in middle age
2021-02-14How to make daughter feel special and included when her brother is born?
2021-02-07Visiting vaccinated parents - can/should I do it?
2021-01-28What is all the activity on the trading exchange order book?
2021-01-26New Smartphone Recommendations?
2021-01-21"What is this kids book about an ""indoor toilet that doesn't stink""?"
2021-01-18Filling Out the Move In Inspection Form
2021-01-04Is it time to cancel my term life insurance policy?
2021-01-04How to watch Jeopardy! without a television or cable signal?