Which comments by jillithd were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-21What are the best features to have in a newer (2015+) car?
2016-12-08Happy Twitters!
2016-10-25Online yoga subscription
2016-10-23How do I underwear like a grown-ass woman?
2016-10-13Books about/set in Minneapolis
2016-10-13Books about/set in Minneapolis
2016-10-07Romantic novels filter: happy couples edition
2016-09-29Comfort me with comfort food
2016-09-14How do you prevent headaches after work?
2016-08-30Comedians Standing up for Women
2016-08-30Comedians Standing up for Women
2016-08-19Fictional nerds
2016-06-06Pimping the Pontoon Boat
2016-05-11What do I feed my first-grader?
2016-05-05Good recent biographies or autobiographies (books preferred)?
2016-05-02Good recent biographies or autobiographies (books preferred)?
2016-04-25In total cognitive dissonance re: physical punishment. Please help.
2016-04-20Non-traditional things in Italy that made your trip remarkable.
2016-04-13Are all qualifying life events created equal?
2016-04-12help me build parenting confidence
2016-03-13What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-06Where can I find art school briefs or assignments?
2016-03-03What to know about bicycle commuting in Minneapolis for someone new?
2016-02-06What's it like to be one and done?
2016-01-23We're living somewhere else for a month. But where?!