Which comments by fingersandtoes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-26Just found out my family's Jewish--how do I learn more?
2016-12-25Patriarchy wars: episode vi - return of the feminist
2016-12-24Is it ok to bring a water bottle to a job interview?
2016-12-09Latkes and tofu?
2016-11-30Separation limbo!
2016-11-23What's a basic toolkit to keep in an apartment?
2016-11-13Twitter Oasis: happy/funny/strange accounts with NO POLITICS?
2016-11-13Twitter Oasis: happy/funny/strange accounts with NO POLITICS?
2016-11-12Should I be worried or am I acting jealous?
2016-11-12Can I boil chicken feet in my already prepared chicken stock?
2016-11-12What kind of bug is this?
2016-11-11Food for breaking bread and giving thanks
2016-11-10How do I find a former university admissions officer to interview?
2016-11-08One kid, two households, many bedbugs
2016-11-08One kid, two households, many bedbugs
2016-11-08Bathtub Overflow of my dreams
2016-10-16it'll be just like a sleepover, except not!
2016-10-14Alone again, naturally - help me cope with a fresh breakup
2016-10-10Dating someone who jokes too much
2016-10-09What is this cat's name?
2016-10-09Is This a Bed Bug ?!?!
2016-10-09Pee for enjoyment, not employment
2016-10-09Is This a Bed Bug ?!?!
2016-10-04You kiss your mother with that racist mouth?
2016-10-02Metal Roof vs. Shingle Roof
2016-09-13I need to hire a gondola in Venice
2016-09-11Where do the ex-New Yorkers go?
2016-09-06CEO was 30 minutes late for interview, then refused to interview me??
2016-08-23Acing job interviews while struggling with anxiety?
2016-08-20Lodger, drunkenness, unsupervised kids, mess - ok to want him gone?
2016-08-17Parenting for the anally retentive
2016-08-04Ripping off the bandaid on a tricky work situation
2016-08-03Paralysis of overchoice, kitchen flooring edition
2016-08-03How do I propose a business trip to my boss?
2016-08-02How to use use up a bottle of horribly sweet wine?
2016-07-26Name radically multi-POV news aggregator
2016-07-25So I Got A Traffic Ticket Today
2016-07-13can it be over now
2016-07-11Visiting relatives who have guns when you have a toddler
2016-06-28Looking for read aloud chapter books for a 5-year old.
2016-05-31Save me from sad sandwiches and early bedtime!
2016-05-27Yes really! Really!
2016-05-27Is this a bedbug?
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-04-19Help Me Choke Down Some Sour Grapes
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-18Passover Dessert
2016-04-16I had and encounter with a neighbor that's weirding me out
2016-04-11Where are the History Nerds on Youtube?
2016-04-05Short Story Book Club
2016-03-17My Questions are Always About Dessert
2016-03-09Break our Dinner Rut. Difficulty: bariatric patient, picky eater.
2016-03-01Addressing communication style
2016-02-28Can you recommend a couch/recliner for a bad back?
2016-02-02Help me organise my spices and oils
2016-01-27Your favorite kayak spots in the Bay Area
2016-01-23Friendship after a break up
2016-01-22Babies falling from the sky
2016-01-19sunscreen for indoor outdoor wedding
2016-01-12Seeking magical incantation to make my dentist take me seriously
2016-01-08Help me find the perfect lined boot for winter's special snowflakes
2016-01-08Unknown unknowns of baby #2?
2016-01-07Ideas for your (small) dream kitchen
2016-01-01Like Dorothea Lange, but inside and without people.