Which comments by fingersandtoes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-16Working with distractions
2017-12-16How to make DIY tonic less bitter?
2017-12-13Host/ess gifts to keep on hand?
2017-12-12Healing from financial betrayal
2017-12-05"Lovingly" mock a kid with feigned abandonment - is there a word for it?
2017-12-03Help me find Marina's large black disc earrings in S1 of "The Magicians"
2017-12-01(How) can I eat this?
2017-12-01What are other words that are both birds and non-birds?
2017-11-29Text etiquette: how do I respond when they don't respond?
2017-11-28Was I unclear or did they act in bad faith? Or alternative explanation?
2017-11-19What to do with my (literal) emotional baggage?
2017-11-16Need recipe for sweet potato pie -- with no added sweetener
2017-11-16Slightly More Interesting Roast Turkey
2017-11-13Can Sinuses Be Damaged by Prolonged Exposure to Urine/Diaper Odor?
2017-11-13To dust you shall return: winter skin edition
2017-11-10Baking filter: reducing butter in bread (sweet) recipe
2017-11-09NSFW: Help me stop touching my bf in my sleep.
2017-11-01What do you put in your quiche?
2017-11-01How to elicit troubleshooting discussion in marriage?
2017-10-30What is the best (digital) way to organize Thanksgiving?
2017-10-30The Calm or the Passionate
2017-10-27Delicate balance of respecting the ex and just getting on with my life
2017-10-24Pregnant, minimalist... and a little overwhelmed!
2017-10-14What do I do with an enormous wooden cradle?
2017-10-13How bad is Brie in a car in Sydney in spring ?
2017-10-12Another question about simplifying
2017-10-11I love you...sober you
2017-10-07Help us fall in love with sweet potatoes!
2017-10-05Preserving preserves - avoiding the fuzz
2017-10-03My crazy, manipulative sister
2017-10-02Songs where singers talk to themselves
2017-09-26How do you phrase a headstone to say "We Love You"?
2017-09-24Pet culture vs non-pet culture
2017-09-19ISO amazing potluck dessert recipe
2017-09-18Kid's birthday party etiquette help, SVP?
2017-09-17How do I deal with my body image issues after comments during sex?
2017-09-15How do you cut a toddler's nails safely when she won't let you?
2017-09-13I want to eat the same lunch every day.
2017-09-12What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?
2017-09-08Save me Costco, you're my only hope....
2017-09-07Suggestions for a toddler toy that makes a loud noise?
2017-09-06Frugality by choice and willpower?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-27Gladiator: Theatrical or Extended cut for a first time viewer?
2017-08-25italy late September
2017-08-23I can't afford these office lunches
2017-08-18So 6dollarshirts is out. What else is out there?
2017-08-08Boyfriend and I want to move in together, but...
2017-08-02Am I sabotaging this new relationship or is it not to be?
2017-07-29Food bill out of control!!
2017-07-19Stuck In the Pseudo-Wife Zone
2017-07-14How to get over this ??
2017-07-02How do I give my friend $ successfully?
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-29Tips for spontaneous swimming with contact lenses
2017-06-26Surprising Things You Enjoy
2017-06-23Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?
2017-06-02how to avoid a creepy former date in a small town
2017-05-30Friendship Healing San Francisco Ideas?
2017-05-30How do I resolve guilt/sadness about sibling's abusive ex-husband?
2017-05-30[Imminent dinner filter] Can I quickly make these olives less salty?
2017-05-26I feel angry when my partner talks about this specific topic. Help!
2017-05-24How to Respond to Nosy People?
2017-05-23Passive responses to passive-aggressive presents?
2017-05-22Engagement gift? What fresh hell is this?
2017-05-15Advice about perspectives on long-term desires in relationships
2017-05-08Separate utensils for making homemade personal care products?
2017-05-06The Voice For The Voiceless Prefers Me To Be Voiceless
2017-04-18Help Me Ace My Library Page Interview
2017-04-17Feeling a bit of crabby coming on...how to stop?
2017-04-07Hungry hip hop
2017-04-07Hungry hip hop
2017-04-05A friendship conundrum
2017-04-05I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-04-03How do I actually wear a high necked bra without looking crazy?
2017-03-30Best intro books to Russian history
2017-03-23Fidgety people: what do you do while you watch TV?
2017-03-21Tropical privacy hedge tips?
2017-03-20When I grow up I want to be: a director of training
2017-02-27Yet another What to Gift Question
2017-02-16There's a type of product literally called "makeup", what is it?
2017-02-15Mascara that won't smear
2017-02-11Never ending s... inus infection?
2017-02-10Activities for Toddler - Palo Alto Edition
2017-02-08Help! My house and everything in it smells like a dirty hippie commune.
2017-02-05Meal I can prepare the day before with a really tiny kitchen?
2017-02-05Meal I can prepare the day before with a really tiny kitchen?
2017-02-01modest, pretty, plus-size, and with pants
2017-02-01modest, pretty, plus-size, and with pants
2017-01-26How to stop people interfering at tennis
2017-01-10Pimp my (sweet) potato, please
2017-01-05How do I explain this to my boss?
2017-01-05Do Pagans have a PR problem?
2017-01-02How does one speak with a recruiter?