Which comments by fingersandtoes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-23Pulsing noise in the walls
2020-12-22Why did the crumbled peppermint candy on our peppermint bark...melt?
2020-12-20Just when I had started to believe that my needs actually matter...
2020-12-16Viewing ocean life, while they're free!
2020-12-16Viewing ocean life, while they're free!
2020-12-04Baking question: Color crust?
2020-11-19Husband has a fever. What next?
2020-11-16Where should I donate my Army Nurse grandmother's WWI photo album?
2020-11-14Wherever you go, there you are... but better?
2020-11-12Responding to a job rejection when I think my skills were misunderstood
2020-11-03Can I eat this bread pudding?
2020-11-02Happy hour deliveries to my remote work team?
2020-11-02Happy hour deliveries to my remote work team?
2020-10-27My mind remembers how to sleep. My body does not.
2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
2020-10-19How to deal with relative's illness
2020-10-15Zoom kids birthday party tips
2020-10-14Cuddly when wet.
2020-10-05Who do I need to help my hot tub dreams come true?
2020-10-01Mixing different volumes of powders for a drink mix.
2020-09-22Family Halloween costume ideas needed (two moms and a baby edition)
2020-09-201 day of nutritionally complete foods - vegetarian
2020-09-13What came before, GERD or the alcoholism? Vertigo or the weed?
2020-09-03Gifts for people you don't know well
2020-08-23Sweet, My Potato
2020-08-17My cake is draggin'
2020-08-04how to set boundaries with a child who isn't mine
2020-08-03how to set boundaries with a child who isn't mine
2020-07-28when you don't dash out anymore just to get an ingredient
2020-07-25Why season/condition a new granite mortar and pestle with garlic?
2020-07-20First bra
2020-07-01Guests using home restroom in covid times
2020-06-22a question about names
2020-06-18Should I stay in a vacation house during a time of covid uncertainty?
2020-06-02What can a law library do?
2020-05-31Stinky Smoke Protected by Mean Girl Manager
2020-05-31Give me back my name
2020-05-28How do I reconcile this?
2020-05-26how i learned to stop worrying and enjoy cooking
2020-05-25how i learned to stop worrying and enjoy cooking
2020-05-19What can you do with one child that you can’t do with two or more?
2020-05-10Cream cheese frosting without the cream cheese
2020-05-09Becoming a better listener with negative people
2020-05-08Daydreaming about traveling
2020-05-02Any advice for disclosing anxiety disorder at a new-ish workplace?
2020-03-29Substitutions, Covid-19 edition
2020-03-07How do I respond to a persistent former boss?
2020-02-27Where can I hear għana music in Malta?
2020-02-16Tell me your favorite recipes that could include Calvados
2020-02-14How to save these chairs?
2020-02-12Low-alcohol cocktails?
2020-02-09Turn, turn, turn
2020-02-08Instapot Blogs
2020-02-02Violated Boundaries, Mother Edition
2020-01-28Help me like a food I can't stand!
2020-01-23How can I grow to like someone I don't?
2020-01-19Muffin Madness
2020-01-17Tastiest. Decluttering mission. Ever.
2020-01-17Tastiest. Decluttering mission. Ever.
2020-01-13why is my 'morning sickness' increasing?
2020-01-06How should I handle this mishandle?