Which comments by wwax were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-10-30How can I potty train an adult dog?
2020-10-29How can we keep our cat comfortably warm at night?
2020-10-27Do you (or people you know) travel with shelf-stable food
2020-10-16Mother Cat With Healthy Kittens In At Least Two Places?
2020-07-06Please help me entertain these smol humans: Xbox Edition
2020-06-22What is this fruit or vegetable?
2020-06-03How do you deal with racism and racist relatives?
2020-05-29my kid has no chill about my dog. help?
2020-05-14What Are Your Favorite Mods for Fallout 4?
2020-05-07Why can I only take this marvellous NSAID once a day?
2020-04-28What are some non-obvious ways that people WFH cause stress on others?
2020-04-22Seeking baby chicken expertise!
2020-04-19Messy but sterile
2020-04-08When to give a poop -dog edition
2020-04-06Good natured neighborhood pranks/jokes
2020-04-03Dog likes being petted but doesn’t show it
2020-04-01Dogs and heart failure - can you tell me what you did?
2020-03-29How do we deal with our new(ish) nipping, tantrum-throwing dog?
2020-03-22how can I teach my fastidious dog to 'go' on the balcony?
2020-03-20Rolls / Person / Week
2020-02-20Is it cheaper to use computers to make dogs now or what?
2020-02-14How to save these chairs?