Which comments by Frowner were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-19What kind of soles do I want on these boots?
2019-11-13DIY tattoo risk
2019-11-12Life insurance...for war zones?
2019-11-11How do I get the hair I had in India?
2019-11-05Children's classics. Difficulty level: non-racist
2019-11-02Fantasy books to read with my niece
2019-10-15What kind of birthday cake would you like?
2019-10-08Give me your savory / easy / efficient recipes, yearning to be baked.
2019-08-03Discussing the terrible book my father gave me with him?
2019-07-19Minnesotans, break out your Lutheran cookbooks
2019-05-30Intersectional Fantasy Novels?
2019-05-26Jeans that won't wear out in the thigh
2019-05-15Do I have a defective character, or is this just a run of bad luck?
2019-05-14Just Friends, Just Friends
2019-05-05Many people on Instagram hate me. What now?
2019-04-10What do you call this '80s pop vocal style? Or was it even a thing?
2019-03-29Songs of hope in times of trouble
2019-03-26Are these boots (re)made for walking?
2019-03-13good n p'lenta
2019-03-01My white racist fuck-up story, read at own risk.
2019-02-26Home temperature, long visit - what's fair
2019-02-25War and Peace: The subject of history is the life of peoples and mankind
2019-02-16Illness, anxiety, counselling, oh my.
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-02-07Help me fatten my beloved
2019-02-07Help me fatten my beloved
2019-02-05What might be some reasonable ways to alleviate my partner's insecurity?
2019-02-04Am I helping or interfering with my friend's mental health care?
2019-01-22Music to make your guests think you're cool
2019-01-09How do I not look like a nazi?