Which comments by Frowner were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-31How do I get better at journal entries (accounting journal entries)?
2022-12-06falling out of love the wrong way
2022-12-02Please be gentle in consideration of the context.
2022-11-29Questions and Answers and MeFi
2022-11-28Resources to help me, a man, overcome my dislike and mistrust of men
2022-10-03Songs of '89
2022-10-03Songs of '89
2022-08-24Tipping etiquette if price is based on stylist level and hair length?
2022-07-17the dumbest question ever
2022-07-11I spilled gas on my car. How bad is this going to be?
2022-07-08can I write him out of my life?
2022-07-08can I write him out of my life?
2022-07-07Decision fatigue, being needed, and me
2022-06-24Is it weird to go to a very small bar by myself?
2022-05-31What are your best alternatives to hair ties for buns, pigtails, etc.?
2022-05-20Updating my style in my mid-30s
2022-05-20A Weird Thing My Drunk Canadian Mother used to say.
2022-05-12how do I stop thinking that everyone is better than me?
2022-04-17this too shall pass? really? how can you be sure?
2022-03-21Another COVID Gut-Check Ask
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent
2022-02-28Help me talk to - and reassure - my spouse about Ukraine
2022-02-06Is this a great haircut, or what?
2022-02-04Which book or story is this from?
2022-01-14Is my relationship workable or is it better to end things?
2022-01-11Should I quit the student union?