Which comments by Iris Gambol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-31Mind over Matters (KEXP) cancelled. What next?
2018-12-29My landlord won't fix my noisy "Maserati" toilet
2018-12-04Help me bring up talking points about racism in middle school.
2018-12-04What are photos of glum-looking Wall Street traders meant to convey?
2018-11-22I want to sample perfumes that showcase a particular note.
2018-11-21Settling in on Crone Island
2018-11-20A story within a story within a story...
2018-11-20What does this say? Deciphering Historical Handwriting
2018-11-16Environmental justice quote?
2018-11-13Help me disarm through humor
2018-11-02Smooth feet without a trip to the ER?
2018-11-02Wedding Guest Seeks Blue Dazzler
2018-10-24Mefites gave me links, I was enlightened, we lived happily ever after
2018-10-20Do allergic responses DIRECTLY trigger dysphoria/anxiety?
2018-10-17Design resources for making a small urban yard more private?
2018-10-10Alternative to IKEA ALVE laptop table
2018-10-02Please give me resources on CPTSD (YNM mental health professional)
2018-09-23Blade (roasts) Of Glory
2018-09-23Union Blues
2018-09-03Shoes to go from hiking trail to nightclub
2018-08-23Sourcing injectable estrogen
2018-08-14What to do about small painful lump near finger joint?
2018-08-14weird pre-walk dog behavior!
2018-08-13weird pre-walk dog behavior!
2018-08-09Help me find this particular baby blanket.
2018-08-04Men's bathing suits that look & work like regular shorts?
2018-08-01Like if a mining drill actually was called a "Widowmaker" (c)
2018-07-28Wheelchair Reviews, Please
2018-07-23What can I consume to improve my skin and hair?
2018-07-22I can haz civil, healthy anger?
2018-07-16Looking for design/decor inspiration (with dark wood paneling)
2018-07-15Culinary Fundraiser ISO Witty Name
2018-07-14Wally and The Case of the Hundred Percent Bankers
2018-07-11Find this book/person: biography of mathematician who loved early 1800s
2018-07-08Free study materials for the GED test for an educated adult?
2018-07-08Free study materials for the GED test for an educated adult?
2018-07-06You helped me find the best messenger bag. Now help me find a backpack!
2018-07-03California clear-cut logging missed a spot
2018-06-30When Shoulds are no Good
2018-06-30Any women (or any gender) using a double-edge razor to shave their body?
2018-06-26Depression, weird hormones, and altogether too much uprooting. What do?
2018-06-25What to do with a new-to-us upright piano?
2018-06-23Know any more Andy Goldsworthy public installations in North America?
2018-06-19So, Mefites, what do you know about employment background checks?
2018-06-11Seeking poems about personal anger
2018-06-10Is this what dating is like in 2018?
2018-06-03What should I look for in a mattress on a low budget?
2018-05-26Where to score plus-size, medical-grade compression leggings?
2018-05-21Who plays Lord Bullingdon's second in the final duel in Barry Lyndon?
2018-05-12Can you help me find a sewing pattern similar to this blouse?
2018-05-12Help me solve my sleep problems?
2018-05-11Best Burt's Bees replacement that won't melt in my hot car
2018-05-05Teach me to like eggplant
2018-05-03Wide-brimmed sun hat with a ponytail hole
2018-05-02Whisker-friendly, non-plastic cat dish
2018-05-02How to get a career in fraud investigation?
2018-04-17Portland, OR dust cleaning and landlord issue
2018-04-17Portland, OR dust cleaning and landlord issue
2018-04-10What was this sitcom on PBS?
2018-04-10Candle Company Concern
2018-04-06"Blessed States of America"?
2018-03-29help me find a packable puffer jacket that keeps my butt warm?
2018-03-28Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-03-28Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-03-27Can you help identify anyone in this 1960 press event in Times Square?
2018-03-26529 Question
2018-03-26Is it worth it (time, cost, energy) to get diagnosed with ADHD/ADD?
2018-03-24How to NOT pass out due to someone else's surgery
2018-03-20Help me find a childhood book
2018-03-20Help me find a childhood book
2018-03-17summoning elementals in Utica
2018-03-16No-pattern homemade garments
2018-03-16Need fun late-1970s flavor
2018-03-15Abnormal Psychology
2018-03-12Best daily carry tips for the professional commuter
2018-03-11How do women flirt to get what they want in NON romantic settings?
2018-03-11It All Falls Down (After Travel). Staying Healthy/Organized After A Trip
2018-02-22Seeking small comforts during anxious times (or anytime!)
2018-02-20I need dishwashing hacks.
2018-02-17So, uh was this menopause?
2018-02-17Name that Cat!
2018-02-11Shut down when living with people
2018-01-25Replacing a pair of earrings
2018-01-14Help me talk to my doctor about my symptoms