Which comments by Iris Gambol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-15If you give birth to a child and it falls down the sink, what do?
2020-12-12What were these mysterious cookies from my childhood?
2020-12-11Where can I find organic/sustainable women's pajamas?
2020-12-04Where can I buy advantame?
2020-12-02the anxiety spike
2020-11-27Vitamin D Dosage for COVID19 Preventative Assistance?
2020-11-15Quaker Oats to infinity
2020-11-14Wow, what's up with iron combustion?
2020-10-30Noisy ice cream-maker motor
2020-10-20Show me the writing on the wall
2020-10-09Parent with rapidly developing dementia. What do we do?
2020-10-07Need help finding a small dish
2020-10-04Did Zappa tell Dylan--
2020-09-25Options for buying pet food online in Canada
2020-09-25Options for buying pet food online in Canada
2020-08-23"Looking for article/website about ""bomb room"" art installations"
2020-08-22Tips on finding things
2020-08-21broken Ib Kofod Larsen for Selig Lounge chairs
2020-08-05Help me find a bra that won't hurt my spleen.
2020-06-25I need a cover for this bare light bulb
2020-06-04Did Rabeprazole pills change their appearance recently?
2020-06-03I am conflicted/terrified to leave my addict husband , child involved
2020-06-01My whole body hurts. What's going on?
2020-06-01Name/ info of roasted Medieval or English dish of iterative animal heads
2020-05-30Woodworking safety during a pandemic
2020-05-26Restoring 1950's veneer dresser
2020-05-25Need a reality check about some language in a rental agreement.
2020-05-22Help me find a CZ Dupe of this engagement ring
2020-05-17How do I commission a Medusa door knocker?
2020-05-14How dark are the last three Harry Potter books?
2020-05-12Linens, pillows, all things bed
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-05-06Did Columbia Records refuse to record vocals for 'Fables of Faubus'?
2020-05-06Did Columbia Records refuse to record vocals for 'Fables of Faubus'?
2020-05-04Nursery/garden center deliveries in Baltimore, MD?
2020-05-04Where is this Temple of Apollo located?
2020-05-03Identify this online short story (which I think was once on the blue)
2020-05-02In search of obscure 80s song about Rubik’s cube
2020-04-05Should I sell my twitter account for $100k?
2020-04-01List of companies that *are* looking after their employees?
2020-03-31Affordable Luxuries: The DIY Edition
2020-03-31Magical Realist Book featuring South American Maroon Communities
2020-03-29Substitutions, Covid-19 edition
2020-03-29What short story is this?
2020-03-28Poems for upper elementary students
2020-03-28Should I be a DV haven in the time of the Corona Virus?
2020-03-22Why would people with kids postpone marriage in 19th century Europe?
2020-03-21VERY Large Peeler for Aloe Vera - Name Please
2020-03-15What are the facts on coronavirus transmission in preschools?
2020-03-08Campaigns in the time of cholera
2020-03-04Know of any blogs or books about families who move away from the US?
2020-03-04How to cope with fighting with a friend
2020-03-03Best sources for info about COVID-19
2020-03-02What article did I read about Haitian vodou practitioners?
2020-02-28Living with the sound of doors slamming?
2020-02-20Is there such a thing as folding sports (wraparound) sunglasses?
2020-02-18Offseason Myrtle Beach with kids - entertain us!
2020-02-12Dating / relationship addict: help!
2020-01-24How can I grow to like someone I don't?
2020-01-22Me, part 2: crafty business?
2020-01-15Where can I find this narwhal mug?
2020-01-03Seeking a specific slice of life