Which comments by Iris Gambol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-10-13Were these patents ever used?
2021-10-11Headstone symbolism
2021-09-26Like every nightstand on the planet, apparently, but smaller
2021-09-26Like every nightstand on the planet, apparently, but smaller
2021-09-26Trying to remember a special effects show from 2000s-era Sci-Fi Channel
2021-09-25eco echo
2021-09-22Who is this man?
2021-09-21Please dress me in muppet fur
2021-09-16Sisterhood of the traveling knee surgery
2021-09-15Long-sleeve, collared, cotton shirt
2021-09-14How does flea medicine get to the fleas?
2021-09-13My parents are getting spam calls about me, how do I calm them down?
2021-09-13Where to get a body fat % test
2021-09-09Looking for pro-vaccination testimonials, video form
2021-09-07Where are the gourmet cherry slices?
2021-09-07What to wear on a Zoom interview?
2021-09-05ISO the fanciest mildly dowdy nightgowns
2021-09-02Wages in a war zone
2021-08-31How the heck do people find furniture?!
2021-08-23Anxiety about carving out my own space in a home I don't own
2021-08-22Traditional AND vegetarian full English (or similar) in NYC?
2021-08-17Sourcing Clorox Scentiva Foam in Tuscan Lavender scent
2021-07-27Help me find a replacement for this drinking glass
2021-07-23Is there a required temperature range for Denver apartments?
2021-07-22Is it illegal to try and bribe someone?
2021-07-16What is Mickey Mantle's accent?
2021-07-07Hair Help Desperately Needed.
2021-07-07Teach me how to write a choose your own adventure story
2021-07-06Are (some) fruits becoming less flavorful?
2021-07-05Architecture/design/art in San Diego and up the coast...
2021-06-25Mold/Moss on outside of house? How to clean?
2021-06-23how do schlubs like me re-stuff cheap (attached) couch seat cushions?
2021-06-21"""The Big Dogs"" a possible poem by Mark Strand?"
2021-06-13What is the best low-maintenance machine-washable suit for a man?
2021-06-04Summer hat for women
2021-06-04Home Renovation 101
2021-06-02What nonprofits sell boxes of blank greeting cards?
2021-05-31Help me name and find inspiration for my home aesthetic
2021-05-27Schroedinger's Lease Renewal (NYC tenant law issue)
2021-05-27Last ditch attempt: can I get my husband’s 1987 cross pen working again?
2021-05-20Stories about vision (literally)
2021-05-20"What is a ""public adjuster"" and are they legit?"
2021-05-17Black optometrist in the Seattle area?
2021-05-17Tips for welcoming a 3x runaway teen nephew into our home?
2021-04-29US Civil War: former slave-holder joined the Union Army? True or trope?
2021-04-27Parents are leery of the C19 vaccine. Help.
2021-04-26Can I watch this movie online?
2021-04-26Ape social communication
2021-04-20Recommend a continuous blood pressure monitor?
2021-04-20Recommend a continuous blood pressure monitor?
2021-04-19Making the Dream (Move) Work : Shared Equity Loans - Good, Bad, Ugly?
2021-03-27Fat headed girrrl seeks swim cap
2021-03-26Cadet life at USCG Academy?
2021-03-26Cadet life at USCG Academy?
2021-03-26The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same...
2021-03-24What should we know about adopting a pair of cats with feline leukemia?
2021-03-23How do geneticists try to thwart racists from misusing their research?
2021-03-02What is this Soviet short story I might have read from a MeFi link?
2021-03-02It rubs the lotion on its skin...
2021-02-28Give me your throughts about Adrenal Fatigue
2021-02-28Why are there no comedy vicars in American sitcoms?
2021-02-27Are my tenant rights being violated?
2021-02-19Sense of doom after waking up at 3am
2021-02-19Postcard Printer or similar
2021-02-04A Question For Designers Using Spoonflower
2021-02-01Info on Dodger Stadium Covid Shot [Los Angeles, CA]
2021-01-29What are your favorite recipes involving ground beef?
2021-01-12What 1970s sci-fi was closest to this scenario in an old kids' book
2021-01-08What brand wine gums did I eat?
2021-01-07What Is This Thing That I Want (ladies leggings edition)
2021-01-07What Is This Thing That I Want (ladies leggings edition)
2021-01-05What are the best primers on the technical side of the Green New Deal?
2021-01-04Making life easier (for family) if something happens to me?
2021-01-04Plus size overalls in fun colors