Which comments by Iris Gambol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

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2022-10-11When will x shortage be over? Especially Carr's Ginger Lemon Cremes?
2022-10-08Name My Character: Diminutive Edition
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2022-09-28how can I help?
2022-09-27Autumn wedding poems please
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2022-09-23Big jacket pockets?
2022-09-22A Dress for an Apple to PICK Apples in
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2022-09-07Article/blogpost/thread about How Not To Kill Yourself?
2022-09-05"""The Earth Isn't Flat"" and other tales of woe - how can I keep my peace?"
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2022-08-30Stark & Dark Concerts?
2022-08-06Help me find a knock-off of Jane Russell's earrings
2022-08-05Searching for a body scrub that uses clay
2022-08-02Checklist to help older couple in CA with financial decisions?
2022-08-02Give Me That Victorian Artisan Look
2022-07-29It's been a long time (dressing) gown
2022-07-09he’s the main character in my life
2022-06-21My Back Itches - but I live alone.
2022-06-21My Back Itches - but I live alone.
2022-06-21Not half as sour as I should be
2022-06-15how to be less paranoid as a young woman living in a city?
2022-06-15Help me name my snails
2022-05-26As a werewolf, how do I better entertain young human children?
2022-04-25How do I set my rate for freelance work?
2022-04-07Bikini top unicorn? I’m tired of shopping for this. Hope me.
2022-04-07I need to build a capsule work wardrobe and I'm overwhelmed
2022-03-29Poems using less well-known stories
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2022-03-15Have the things you find on the ground changed in the last 30 years?
2022-03-07Help me take a snapshot of my health
2022-01-2919th-Century Labor Songs