Which comments by bendy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-29Exercising better down where it's wetter
2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-10-16What's a father?
2018-10-14Portland trip with family (toddler and prego mom edition)
2018-10-05Feminist romance movies for thirtysomething women sick of men's bullshit
2018-09-11Job and temp landscape in Portland Oregon and surrounding cities?
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-06-20Slogans are wisdom written in shorthand
2018-06-01Pun Me Up, Scotty!
2018-06-01Pun Me Up, Scotty!
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-03-07I am desperately bored.
2018-03-01Please help me figure out how to use these motorcycle cargo straps
2018-03-01Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-24Durable micro USB cable?
2018-02-18How to deal with new neighbor who refuses to leash his dog?
2018-02-16How Do I Hat? (Flat Cap Edition)
2018-01-14To sleep, perchance to save space...