Which comments by tchemgrrl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-11-02Bringin' home the bakin'
2018-10-29I was uncomfortable, but I couldn't say why. Help me figure this out!
2018-10-26language question
2018-10-16What's a father?
2018-09-12Need baked egg recipes for toddler with an egg allergy
2018-08-13Looking for the 21st Century Version of Berlitz Language Tapes
2018-07-23Science Books - Readers
2018-07-13What else can I clean?
2018-07-11Design my tattoo?
2018-06-26Why Couldn't I Vote in the New York Primary This Morning?
2018-06-23Know any more Andy Goldsworthy public installations in North America?
2018-06-06Party costumes for non-costume people?
2018-05-24Is my employer required to provide uniforms that fit properly?
2018-05-14Congratulations co-worker!
2018-05-14I think I took my issues out on my kid - or maybe I just parented?
2018-05-10How do I not fail the Voigt—Kampff test?
2018-05-10How to learn to sing simple harmony when you can't read music?
2018-05-07Yo Ho, Yo Ho, an Ocean Topic for Me!
2018-05-01Is this the kind of red flag I should be looking for?
2018-04-20Finding a therapist
2018-04-18No, YOU’RE gorges.
2018-04-06Good collections of bad reviews
2018-04-04MOAR decadent vegan recipes, please!
2018-03-27What's in your lab?
2018-03-23One person’s junk is my kid’s magic [Toronto]
2018-03-17A one woman garden
2018-03-17No-pattern homemade garments
2018-03-08Talk to me like it's 1997
2018-02-27What does the cat say?
2018-02-16Why are you a researcher and not a scientist?
2018-01-21Call and offbeat response
2018-01-19Your 6 year olds favorite books
2018-01-15No stress chess - preschool edition