Which comments by greermahoney were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Exercising better down where it's wetter
2018-12-23Vegan dining out in Seattle
2018-12-20What do you think about group interviews?
2018-12-09A writing program or app that won't delete ANYTHING
2018-12-09"I give at the milk aisle"
2018-12-09"I give at the milk aisle"
2018-12-09"I give at the milk aisle"
2018-11-20Should I cut my losses or give friendship a chance?
2018-11-17Need N99 face masks for family in CA
2018-11-04Cheap food in quantity + convenience
2018-10-29How can I pay region locked online bills in the US from abroad?
2018-09-06Please rec me your fabulous fanfiction
2018-09-04Digital scale without memory
2018-08-20How to vacation
2018-07-31Cracked Tooth Syndrome in a dead tooth-- pre-vacation edition.
2018-07-12Good things the Internet has done and does
2018-07-12Good things the Internet has done and does
2018-07-09Please answer the question
2018-07-01Is this normal for a physical therapist?
2018-06-18Activism Supplies
2018-06-10Is this what dating is like in 2018?
2018-06-09outside with the cuties
2018-06-07I lost My Unbelieving Wife To - Religion! Can this work?
2018-05-30Recipe for one serving blueberry crumble?
2018-04-22Birthday gift ideas
2018-03-29Identify greenery from wedding centerpiece
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-03-11How do women flirt to get what they want in NON romantic settings?
2018-03-03Just tell me he doesn't like me
2018-03-02What are fake accents like in signed languages?
2018-03-02I'm a lazy vegetarian.
2018-02-24From the City of Big Shoulders to The Home of the Bean and the Cod
2018-02-18recovering and moving on from long-ago rape (trigger warning: sex, rape)
2018-02-08What show should my wife and I watch next?
2018-02-02Have You Used a TENS Unit For Pain Relief?