Which comments by easily confused were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-24Should I trust the dealership or a shop with my new car?
2016-12-23Prison pen pals?
2016-12-21What are the best features to have in a newer (2015+) car?
2016-12-21What are the best features to have in a newer (2015+) car?
2016-12-11Flame this tiny bit of hope
2016-10-03Background check taking a long time
2016-08-20Lodger, drunkenness, unsupervised kids, mess - ok to want him gone?
2016-07-14How to do myself justice on the MENSA IQ test?
2016-07-12Another aerial photo mystery
2016-06-29Audio resources for language learning
2016-05-22Signs of quality in a wood bed frame
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-04-25How do I put somebody's eye out?
2016-04-25Is it rude for friend to request I buy a new outfit for wedding?
2016-03-18How to care for pretty new car?
2016-03-13Gaslighting or Alzheimer’s?
2016-03-08PA vs Medical School
2016-02-03How do I handle communications with friends of my deceased father?
2016-01-12Let's suppose I won the lottery. Now what?
2016-01-12So I have this crafting dilemma
2016-01-07are my dining table requirements outlandish?
2016-01-07What's that faint red glow on the movie theater screen?!?