Which comments by bunderful were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-31Help me date in 2017
2016-12-31Help me date in 2017
2016-12-26Just found out my family's Jewish--how do I learn more?
2016-12-21I want the stain *in* not out!
2016-12-20How to call out and back out of disingenuous political conversation
2016-12-19How much of yourself do you show to your coworkers?
2016-12-16I just can't take this anymore, but
2016-12-13Practical suggestions for getting back to feeling good
2016-12-02Seeking stupid arguments to fight about at lunch for fun and profit.
2016-12-01Low-Carb pantry meals
2016-11-28Christian blog post about pro-life/pro-choice having lots in common?
2016-11-22Being diplomatic towards current job during an interview
2016-11-21I need to set up a holiday drive in my building, asap!
2016-11-10We Shall Not Be Moved
2016-11-09A Donald Trump Thanksgiving?
2016-09-24How can an introvert psych herself up to do something social?
2016-09-20How do you move beyond betrayal?
2016-09-20How do you move beyond betrayal?
2016-09-19how to handle manipulative thoughts
2016-09-10Boundary Setting After Being Friend-Dumped due to His Unrequited Feels
2016-09-01While many people want A, I like B. “Contrast” as presentation criterion
2016-08-22To meet or not to meet? (Broken relationship edition)
2016-08-10Is my OKCupid profile OK?
2016-08-03Alternative to Onions
2016-08-02Examples of being considerate/caring?
2016-07-31Gaiman, Pratchett, and "Good Omens" - what do I read next?
2016-07-31How to Talk to Strangers?
2016-07-24How are you all, well, doing (this)?
2016-07-15I can't be nice one more time.
2016-07-03First serious health scare of adulthood - how to cope?
2016-06-18Medication for public speaking phobia?
2016-06-05How to stop wanting things: practical advice
2016-05-15Hamilton: pro/cons of knowing the story/music ahead of time?
2016-05-09I need to replace Diet Coke... but with what?
2016-04-24How do I talk to attractive people?
2016-04-23What are the most revealing signs you're not into someone?
2016-04-05Should I Even Date?
2016-01-25Delicious and clever snacks for an Alan Rickman movie night?
2016-01-25Pimp my gym routine so I get stronger
2016-01-17Remembering and having the confidence to reach out to people