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2017-12-30It was awful - and then?
2017-12-26Unlearning Helplessness
2017-12-23Wordsmith help with holiday greetings requested
2017-12-23Wordsmith help with holiday greetings requested
2017-12-16My life dream is to be in a musical. Help, please?
2017-12-10Fabulous Florentines
2017-12-08What Does a Proper Share Certificate Look Like?
2017-12-07Dealing with cliques at work
2017-12-07Sibling issues at this festive time of year.
2017-12-04Please help protect me from evil eye!
2017-11-26How can I accept my decision not to give a relationship a chance?
2017-11-13I hurt a friend and I'm not sure how to proceed
2017-10-30How do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2017-10-14Help me kill the hope of getting back together
2017-10-04Dinners to keep me from the drive-through
2017-10-01Was I A Rebound?
2017-09-28Talking to people without being That Person
2017-09-21Quotes about implementation
2017-09-21Hibiscus pairings
2017-09-20Can't find this feminist song from the 70s
2017-09-03I lose everything. Help me not lose my expensive season ticket.
2017-08-31How to stop myself from talking?
2017-08-30I need modular food
2017-08-28Creating something new with silk flowers
2017-08-26What interesting detective stuff can my daughter read / watch ?
2017-08-18Do I have lice?! What the HELL are these bugs I found in my hair?
2017-08-10Where can I find high-quality visual art tutorial or process videos?
2017-08-10I have no willpower! (can't stop eating junk food)
2017-08-05Texting into the void
2017-07-26Can I ask her to be friends first?
2017-07-22I could be my own personal assistant?
2017-07-16Beginner Bread Baking Bonanza
2017-07-15How to get over this ??
2017-06-29Can one be friends with the 1%?
2017-06-29What's cool in Tulsa?
2017-06-23Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?
2017-06-13request for language
2017-06-07Why does Tiffany sing "I can change your heartbeef?"
2017-06-03Help me find the same dress about 1-3 more times!
2017-05-24How to Respond to Nosy People?
2017-05-15Losing about half of every month to PMS sabotage brain
2017-04-28Explain FaceBook to me like I am five
2017-04-26Help me think/be more like a Businessy Person
2017-04-24Dating (and socializing in general) while awkward
2017-04-18What are your favorite recipes for spiced iced tea?
2017-04-14Help me become a nicer person
2017-04-11Toddler Batman wants to be helpful
2017-04-075AM-4PM at JFK Airport.. What to do?
2017-04-06What's your remedy for depression-related fatigue?
2017-04-02Who can/should report inappropriate sexual misconduct?
2017-04-01Quick-to-prepare fingerfoods for vegan & gluten free crowd?
2017-04-01Quick-to-prepare fingerfoods for vegan & gluten free crowd?
2017-04-01Quick-to-prepare fingerfoods for vegan & gluten free crowd?
2017-04-01Quick-to-prepare fingerfoods for vegan & gluten free crowd?
2017-03-26Brunch +egg +flour +butter +sugar -milk
2017-03-19How to cope with the pain that comes from my family's abuse/rejection?
2017-03-02How do I do "due diligence" for a job in a small organization?
2017-02-26Child with Congenital Illness Died, How to Help?
2017-02-20Friends til the end?
2017-02-11How to deal with my friend`s weird dating habits?
2017-01-25I'm afraid friendships will end once friends find partners
2017-01-06Come on baby, don't fear the nice guy?
2017-01-03What should I do!!!