Which comments by bunderful were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Rage, rage against everything
2018-12-23Name this sewing stitch?
2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-12-19Random Person: "Eat This" Me: "Okay!"
2018-12-15How do you stay warm...
2018-12-12Does she like me?
2018-12-09Upbeat Music
2018-12-09Upbeat Music
2018-12-07Upbeat Music
2018-12-04Help my understand my parents' aging and resulting personality changes.
2018-11-27How to help my parents with my mom's cancer
2018-11-24Settling in on Crone Island
2018-11-23When I grow up I want to be the Studs Terkel of menopause.
2018-11-18Will these brussels sprouts keep until turkey day?
2018-11-05A bird in the hand is better than waiting for more rejections, right?!
2018-11-04al-anon newbie
2018-10-05emotional boundary with new housemate!
2018-10-03People who never use the internet: why/how?
2018-09-30Do you think should I leave my mom's side of the family?
2018-09-21How do I get an offensive advertisement taken down at my local mall?
2018-09-09How to build close friendships as an adult?
2018-08-30No, not S Cargo
2018-08-19Please settle a perennial naming controversy
2018-08-07Turning 25, Let the Crisis Begin
2018-07-31Choux me your desserts
2018-07-30You can't fire me, I quit!
2018-07-14Help me heal
2018-07-12Good things the Internet has done and does
2018-06-24Fix your toenails in 3 weeks with this one weird trick!
2018-06-23Turmeric Grinder Recommendations
2018-06-17Where does a timid refashionista go for feedback?
2018-05-308 year old niece wants me to give her art lessons.
2018-05-28Send automatic reminders to housemates to pay their bills
2018-05-28What is the scheduling etiquette for Meetup.com organizers?
2018-05-27What is the scheduling etiquette for Meetup.com organizers?
2018-05-27How to handle dating (with anxious attachment)?
2018-05-26Intra-family interpretation
2018-04-30What's the right thing to do here?
2018-04-18Like juice, but better
2018-04-16Can I shift my friends group dynamic to be more positive?
2018-04-07Neighbors' stray cat population out of control and affecting neighbors
2018-03-03Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-03-03Just tell me he doesn't like me
2018-03-01Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-28Is it possible to stay friends with an ex-liberal?
2018-02-11How do I learn how to delegate, against all my instincts?
2018-01-28Don't know what this behavior is called, or how to safely replicate it.
2018-01-16Books for my mom.
2018-01-13Book suggestion for dressing well in a business environment?
2018-01-08Where are the cool kids journaling these days?
2018-01-08Recently graduated at 26 - feeling directionless and looking for advice
2018-01-06Moving away from the terms good and bad food during weight loss
2018-01-02Looking for a decent career for a smart, older refugee
2018-01-02Restricting food budget